4 things Android Messages is better than Message on Mac

Last week, Google introduced a feature that Android users have been waiting since the days of the Nexus phones, which was Messages on the web. Android users can now log into a browser to read and send messages, just like Apple fans are still doing.

Although the feature is still on the ways to phones, it’s already available for the web and you can now get started:

  1. Visit android.com from any web browser
  2. Launch Android Messages on your phone.
  3. Tap on the menu icon locating at the top right corner
  4. Choose Message for web.
  5. Tap on the Scan QR Code
  6. Hold your phone up in front of the QR code

That’s it. The messages on your phone will now be synced with the ones on the web, and you can send and receive messages just like you do it on your phone. However, if it as good as Apple has in place for iOS users? Here are four things it’s better than Apple’s Messages on the Mac.

4 ways Google’s Messages is better than Apple’s

It works everywhere, on any Android phone

You will need a Mac and an iPhone to use Messages, but Google’s Messages for web just requires you a browser and you can then use it everywhere. We’ve already set it up on our Mac, Pixelbook, and Galaxy S8 Plus, and we can stay up to date no matter which device we’re using. You can track browser Messages logged into on your device by choosing the Messages for web option from the popup menu.

Use stickers

Although Messages on iPhone features a number of cool stuff, such as stickers, effects, and Animoji to dress up your conversation, the Mac client is more bare-boned, with only text and emoji. Adding a photo or file is even difficult. With Messages on the web, there are three available buttons at the right, including emoji, stickers, and attachments. While the library of stickers is limited for now, it is better than nothing.

It syncs fast

Apple’s Messages just gains cloud syncing with Messages in iCloud from last month, and your iPhone mút be running on the latest iOS 11 version and your Mac needs to run on the macOS High Sierra to take advantage of it. However, even if your devices are, it’s not as instantaneous as the method of Google. After you have signed in Messages for the web, all your messages and conversations, which was sent or deleted from one source, would instantly reflect on the other. Messages that you sent on the web would appear on your phone before they were delivered to the receiver.

Dark mode

Finally, Apple users can enjoy a dark mode in macOS Mojave, but Android Messages has it available right now. Simply click on the menu button in the sidebar and then head to Settings. toggle the switch next to the Enable dark theme to on, and the entire interface will turn to black.



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