5 Best Gaming Monitors In 2018

If you see what’s literally right in front of you; you might think of upgrading your gear. Here’s a list to help you figure out if it’s time to upgrade.

This information is collected from product reviews so you just consider this when buying a new monitor. First of all, you have to know what you need most. Do you usually play RPG games? If yes, $K monitors are hot right now. However, what’s not hot is their prices which are usually very expensive. Here are some great 4K monitors which could help in that regard.

Dell P2415Q

It comes with a sleek design as well as pumps out a whopping 1.07 billion colors, while the human eye can just see about 7 million colors. Why they can measure that we have no idea. However, interestingly, the price for this beast is very reasonable, though it’s a 4K monitor. Until now, the price tag for this monitor is the cheapest in this list.

Samsung U28E590D

The next one is the product from Samsung. Samsung has been well known for introducing quality products, although they can sometimes be a little delicate. However, the company is pushing realism with the incredible monitor. It’s great for chasing the zombies in the dark corners.

If you are looking for a monitor, Samsung U28E590D is a perfect choice to get the edge over other gamers by seeing what’s occurring sooner than the next three monitors. As normal, your GPU is limited by your monitor, and it just pumps out a frame rate that your monitor can handle. If you’re stuck at 60 FPS while other people are at 100 FPS, your reaction time is being delayed and you cannot do anything about it.

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q

It is another good monitor with a well-made design. Although it is for ‘Gamer’, what makes it impressive is the speed, this monster possesses. It features a very high frame rate capability, which is at 165 Hz as well as a demonic reaction time of 1ms.

Acer XB271HU

The next one comes from Acer brand. Although Acer is not too famous for producing gaming monitor on the market over other brands, the company has been releasing some quality gaming equipment for recent years and the Acer XB271HU monitor is not an exception. It comes with a well-made ‘Gamer’ design with a stunning reaction time of 4ms.

Philips 242G5DJEB

It’s one that’s been out since earlier this year. Although it might be the oldie now, it’s still a great choice for gaming, especially it has Philips patented SmartImage technology. This will allow presetting image adjustments so that the user can switch from, based on the genre of game.

In conclusion, there is a plenty of products out there. However, if you’re not only looking for kinds of monitors, but you want a monitor designed for gaming, the monitors on this list might be the best choices for you. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.

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