5 Best Security Software For Windows 10 Computers

On Windows, the Windows Defender is the default security solution, but do you want the something else?

If your privacy settings are not tight, anything on your Windows computer will be sent to Microsoft. We found some research to find the most reliable security software utilities for the Windows 10 computer. They’ll help in keeping all your data safe and make your system run faster.

5 best security software for Windows 10

If you want to keep your Windows 10 computer safe from the ransomware or malware attacks, you need the help of the Windows 10 security software. Here is the list of the trusted security software for your Windows 10.

  1. TunesBro WinGeeker (Password Recovery)


Since it’s a password recovery tool security tool, so TunesBro WinGeeker offers some utilities that can perform above expectations. The software boasts the 100% recovery percentage and lets you reset the admin and user password on your Windows computer no matter how long the password is.

Unlike other security software tools, your data will be untouched, so will be no chance of the accidental deletion.

  1. Recuva (Lost Data Recovery)

Recuva is an “undeletion” software application for Windows 10, and it supports both the internal as well as external media types. You can easily undelete the files from your hard drive, the flash drives, and even the portable media players.

It’s a very useful program n case you accidentally format a drive or delete some files on your system.

  1. AhnLab V3 Internet Security


If you are searching the program for the system protection on your Windows 10, then it’s no further than AhnLab’s V3 Internet Security software, which can protect your system against the malware attacks. The program got the highest score (6.0/6.0) in the AV-TEST benchmark report in December 2017.

The best part of this tool comes from the zero false positives when it scans your Windows 10 system, which is a great time saver.

  1. NordVPN (User Anonymity)

Security is not your device’s system alone. So keeping you secure when you’re browsing the web is also pretty important. In this respect, NordVPN software is one of the best virtual private network services that are still available. If you feel your online privacy important, then you can keep you anonymous on the web.

This service gives you a thousand of secure servers, and it can also block ads, and other unwanted online threats or unblock the websites.

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  1. SecretFolder (Folder Password Utility)

Windows 10 and the previous Microsoft’s Windows desktop versions don’t allow you to lock any specific folder without installing the third-party applications. So, if you are finding the solution to lock your specific folders on your computer, then SecretFolder tool might be the best choice for you. The greatest thing about this software is that even when uninstalling, it requires you the password that you’ve set. No one can easily remove the software as well as access your locked folders if you don’t allow them.

These are five best security software utilities for your Windows 10 computer. Hopefully, you get the best ones yourself. If you know other software, let’s know in the comment below.


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