7 Best Chrome Tips For Iphone And Ipad

The larger screen on iPad makes it a great tool for surfing internet. First released in the Apple App Store in 2012, Google Chrome for iOS is the most used web browser among iPhone and iPad fans even though their iOS devices come with Apple’s own Safari browser built-in. In this piece, we will offer you some tips that help you make the most of the Google’s web browser.

  • 1. Quickly translate the content of a web page

Google Chrome ranks among the greatest tools for translating web pages. Accordingly, when you come across a web page written in a different language, you can use Google to translate the page. Google will automatically recognize if the web page that you are navigating is not in your default language.



You can set Chrome to automatically translate into your preferred language by heading to Settings > Content Settings > Google Translate. For example, anytime Chrome sees a French web page, it will automatically translate that page to English.

  • 2. Switch between tabs



Chrome for iOS lets you easily toggle between tabs. All you need to do is to place your finger at the edge of the screen and swipe left or right to switch between open tabs. Basically, this gesture will eliminate the need for you to constantly tapping the back and forward buttons, which wastes a lot of time.

  • 3. Zoom


With Google Chrome, you can easily zoom in anywhere on a web page. All you have to do is a double-tap on the area you want to make it bigger, similar to what you do with your photos on your iPhone and iPad.

  • 4. Incognito mode


Incognito mode is one of the most used features on Chrome. Basically, when you set your browser to incognito mode, you can protect any sensitive pages you visit from prying eyes at home or your office. That means all your web page information will not be saved to your history and no cookies will be left behind. To open a tab in incognito mode on Chrome for iOS, just press the Menu icon and choose New Incognito Tab.

However, “you’ve gone incognito” does not mean you are now invisible, since going incognito does not hide your browsing from your internet service provider, or the websites you visit.

  • 5. Request Desktop site


If you don’t like the mobile version of a page, you can request desktop site by tapping on the Menu icon in the top right corner of the screen and select Request Desktop Site from a drop-down window. In reality, the mobile version of a page will remove items to better fit the screen.

  • 6. Chrome Flag


Google Chrome Flags is a new Chrome extension that replaces Chrome’s new tab page with a country flag. Chrome flag now features more than 250 individual flags. However, Chrome Flags are now experimental, and if you don’t know how to use them, don’t activate them.

  • 7. Voice Search


Although Siri is getting smarter and smarter, Google’s search assistant is a fan favorite thanks to its accuracy and faster response time. To enable this feature, just need to tap the search bar, and select the colored microphone and start.

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