8 Facebook Messenger Tips Newbies Should Know

Facebook’s Messenger comes with a great number of hidden features. So if you are a newbie, here are 8 things you should know to get started on your way to be a professional user.

  1. Create a shortcut

You receive a dozen of Facebook messenger messages a day, but with hundreds of contacts, sometimes you forget who sent messages to you. So, to help you prevent this from happening, you should bookmark your messages:

  1. Launch Messenger app
  2. Long-press on the person on the left side
  3. Choose Create Shortcut

A shortcut to that person’s conversation will then be added to the home screen. After the conversation is finished, delete the shortcut as the way you delete an app shortcut.

  1. Keep your chat friend within easy reach

It’s also a great way to keep your best friend handy. Follow the above steps and you will see an icon added to the home screen so that you can chat with your friend without opening Messenger.

  1. Create your own chatbot

Besides talking to a Facebook chatbot, you can also make your own.

If you own a Facebook page, just head to the page’s Settings and click on Messaging. Then, scroll down to Response Assistant and choose Send Instant Replies to anyone who sends messages to your Page.

  1. Customize your chats

If a thumbs-up does not fit your style, you can change the like button whenever you want. Dig into a chat and tap on “i” icon. Next, choose the Emoji option. You will see a popup menu with a variety of emojis for you to replace. There are also other options, like changing your chat person’s name to a cute nickname.


If you stick with the thumbs-up emoji, you can also show the person that you message how your feeling is. Launch Messenger app, hold your finger on the emoji and the icon will grow. When it reaches the size you want, lift your finger out.

  1. Make a short video

Besides sending a picture, Messenger app also lets you send a short video. Simply hold down the shutter button and it will then open the camera to record. Once done, release the shutter button and tap on Send button. Your videos will last for 15 seconds. You can also use the filter, font, or drawing tools at the top of the screen to edit your videos before sending your short video.

  1. Play a game and a whole lot more

If you want some fun, tap on the + icon in a conversation, then choose Game icon. You can challenge your friend to a range of games, and Messenger will then save the score, so players can return to the game later.

Tapping on the + icon also leads you to other options such as sharing your location, sending money, or sharing your calendar, etc.

  1. Automatically save photos

You can automatically save photos to the gallery whenever you receive a picture. To do so, click on the Profile icon at the upper-right side of the Messenger page. Next, tap on Photos & Media option. Switch Save Photos to on and all photos will be saved in the gallery automatically.

If you receive a photo of the naked shenanigans, it will then be saved to your device. You can also save the outgoing photos. Just turn Save on Capture on if you want to save photos to your gallery.

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  1. Find hidden message requests

When strange people send a message to you, it will be stored in a special folder. Sometimes you can miss the important messages as Messenger on the desktop version cannot always alert you the message. To find it, just click on the Messenger Icon and choose Message Requests from the drop-down menu on Facebook.

If you are using Messenger desktop app, just click on the gear icon on the left side and choose Message Requests.

Here are 8 tips for Facebook Messenger newbies. If you feel the post useful, let’s know in the comment below.

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