Add Contacts iOS Do Not Disturb Mode? How to Do It

Do Not Disturb (DND) mode is a great feature when it can protect you from being disturbed while you are sleeping or busy. However, if you still want certain numbers to keep contact with you, you can whitelist them in the list. Here’s how to let the chosen contacts to bypass Do Not Disturb mode on your iPhone.

How  Do Not Disturb Works

Once activated, Do Not Disturb will automatically mute all the incoming calls, notifications when your phone is locked. You can turn on the feature by tapping on the the “Crescent moon” icon in the Control Center.

When 3D touching on the Do Not Disturb icon, you can opt for enabling it for one hour or until you turn it off. You can set a schedule for this mode from Settings > Do Not Disturb > Scheduled.

How to Whitelist Favorites in Do Not Disturb

The Favorites tab is a feature inside the Phone app and you can add two numbers you usually contact for one-tap connection. The Favorites feature also has other great benefits like the option to add the widget to the lockscreen.

You can also find the Favorites list in Do Not Disturb. To do so, simply launch the Settings app, switch to “Do Not Disturb,” select “Phone > Allow Calls From.”

Change the settings to “Favorites”, and anyone in your Favorites list can make calls to you at any time even when you have already enabled DND.

There is also an option in the Do Not Disturb, called “Repeated Calls.” Once it’s enabled, a second call from the selected user within three minutes is allowed to be through.

How to Add Contacts to Favorites tab

Even if you have not added the Favorites list, you can still do it easily by heading to the Phone app, and tapping on the “Favorites” tab. From there, add your contacts to the list by tapping on the “Plus” icon in the top left corner. Choose one from your contact list.

Select a contact and you can see a popup with all the contact information available like FaceTime options. Tap on the “Call’ option and choose the number. They will be added to your Favorites list. Repeat the process to add your favorite contacts to Do Not Disturb.

Let Contacts Bypass through Emergency

The Favorites tab for adding calls might not work for every user. If you are in the emergency case, you will need at least a handful contact to bypass the Do Not Disturb filter. In the emergency cases, you can make use of the Emergency Bypass feature in your iPhone.

This feature supports a per-contact basis and gives control for calling and texting. After you toggle on Emergency Bypass for contact, all the incoming calls or text messages from his/her will notify you even when you have already enabled Do Not Disturb and your phone is silent.

To activate the Emergency Bypass feature, simply open the Contact app and then search for a contact.

Tap on it and choose “Edit” button in the top corner.

Scroll down until you see the “Ringtone” option, select it.

Now, toggle the switch next to “Emergency Bypass” to enable the feature. Save the change by tapping on “Done” and return to the previous screen.

You can also do the same for text messages by choosing “Text Tone” and then turning on “Emergency Bypass”.

Simply repeat the process above for the contacts that you want to bypass the Do Not Disturb filter. After setting it up, when they make a call or send a message to you, your iPhone will ring tones.


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