How to adjust Always On Display feature on Galaxy S10

Always On Display is now a famous feature on Galaxy flagships smartphones. Since its first introduction four years ago with the release of Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, the feature is now serving up useful information on the display even when it is off. The South Korean company has added a number of additional functionality to Always On Display (AOD) year to year, and now on the new Galaxy S10, you can get a ton of customization options to make it as your preference.

Steps to enable Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S10

  1. Launch Settings from the notification bar or home screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Lock screen.
  3. Toggle Always On Display switch to on.

Steps to customize Always On Display on Galaxy S10

Samsung offers a number of options for you to customize your experience with Always On Display features. You can select to show up all the time, or schedule it to disable at night. There is also an option that allows you to enable AOD for only 30 seconds every time you tap on the screen when it is off. Here is how to customize it

  1. From the Lock screen settings, tap on Always On Display feature
  2. Tap on Display mode.
  3. Select your favorite display mode from the available options.

You can also choose various clock styles as your hobby, and even add colors to brighten it up.  To do so

  1. From Settings, head to the Lock screen menu.
  2. Tap on Clock style.
  3. Choose Always On Display.
  1. Choose your favorite clock face from the options available
  2. Choose a color from Color tab.
  3. Tap on Done to save your option.

Aside from clock and incoming notifications, you can also view currently playing songs, weather, alarms, and your schedule in AOD. You’ll find these options to toggle them in the FaceWidgets menu. To

  • In Settings app, head to Lock screen
  • From there, tap on FaceWidgets.
  • Toggle your favorite widgets to show up on AOD.

Furthermore, you can customize how notifications will be shown up on the lock screen in AOD. Select a roaming clock to let your know home time zone when you travel aboard.

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