Amazon introduces Family Music plan at $15 a month

Just a month after the launch of its new Amazon Music Unlimited plan in October, Amazon today announced a family plan option for the service. Similar to both Apple Music and Spotify, the Family plan for Amazon’s Music Unlimited gives six family members (at least 13 years old) access to the service for $14.99/month. Prime members can opt for the annual Family Plan for $149/year, which represents a $12 savings over the monthly plan. Family members will share one subscription, and complete with individual playlists and recommendations.

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To specify, each family member will be given an Amazon account, but note that no unified family account is available. Accordingly, one family member will pay for the subscription using a shared payment method, which is either a debit or credit card that Amazon uses to charge on a monthly basis for the service. Each member can make purchases of goods or services on Amazon and Amazon Music Unlimited with the shared payment method, and of course, the subscriber of the plan will receive notifications for every group activity.

In spite of the group connectivity, each family member in the Family plan will get the same functionality as an Individual Plan subscription, with personalized music, library, playlists, and recommendations. The Individual Plan was made available in October, which definitely shows that Amazon is competing with other main rivals, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music, in the field of on-demand music streaming service.

If you are not yet to decide to use the new Family plan, you can use a 30-day free trial of the service, which is currently available on iOS, Android, Sonos, and Amazon’s own devices. To start your free trial, go to the Amazon Music Unlimited website.

What do you think of the Family plan for Amazon’s Music Unlimited? Share with us in the comments section below.

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