Awesome iOS 12 Concept Designs Might Bowl Over

Apple seems to introduce iOS 12 at WWDC 2018, and the curiosity about the features has become intense. There are also numerous concept designs flooded the Internet and, which catches tons of eyeballs.  If you cannot keep yourself at pace with all attractive concepts about the upcoming iOS version, here are iOS 12 concept designs, which are y cool and worth having a shot at!

Impressive iOS 12 Concept Designs

Grouped Notifications


Grouped notifications feature is the feature that many of you would pin for it as well.

Would it be better if iOS 12 combines similar alerts together so that you glance through them quickly? We hope Apple will bring this cool feature in the upcoming iOS 12.

Functional Control Center


It would be great if iOS 12 allows changing network settings with the help of 3D Touch right from Control Center. Moreover, it’d be nice if the CC comes with a quick Dark Mode button turning on/off this feature quickly.

Limited Guest Mode


There is also a concept that comes with the guest mode, which allows controlling the apps for use. It also lets you set the password for better secure access. In Settings app, you can control and restrict the mode.

App Switcher


Many of you hope a more functional App Switcher. Simply swipe from the left on the screen to open up all the currently running and easily hop into the one you want to use. It’s also good to have a clear all button.

Sound Bar


This sound bar looks great and it offers a better way of adjusting volume.

New Incoming Call Design


It is a new concept for incoming calls design and there is an option to ignore calls as well as activate the quiet mode.

Access Camera Setting From Camera App

Imagine that you are geared up to record a fine video, and suddenly you want to switch to 4K resolution at 60fps from 4K resolution at 30fps. Would it be a little annoying to exit the Camera app and then head to Settings to adjust the setting?

Lock Apps


Similar to other users, we also wait for an option to lock apps using Touch ID or Face ID. It’s a great option to prevent your jealous friends from bumping into your personal data.

App Bar

The new App Bar allows you to instantly access your favorite apps just by pressing and then swiping left from right. If you usually use a set of apps, it would be an ideal feature.

Redesigned Apple Music App

A well-known designer, Lior Azulay, has recently introduced a new design with an all-new design. It will possibly change with background colors to suit with album art and visual animations.

It also allows skipping tracks just by simple swipe gestures. The concept also shows improved controls, which allow fine-tuning music tad more comfortably. There is also a landscape mode that enlivens the erstwhile coverflow.


Which one do you wish to be on your iPhone? Let’s know in the comment.

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