Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

Notepad++ can be seen as the most common editors to write codes in Windows. It supports many functions such as the ability to highlight syntax, customize the interface, or replace features for the more complex codes. Although until now Notepad++ has not yet supported the Mac devices, you should not worry don’t worry we are going to share with you the best Notepad++ alternatives for your Mac.

Great Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

Here is a list of the best Notepad++ alternative apps for your Mac to download and use.

  1. TextWrangler

It is one of the best free code editors for Mac devices and is the best free alternative to Notepad++. This app offers a smart interface and a rich number of features for code writing, or editing.

Download TextWrangler

  1. Atom – Free

This code editor is created by the GitHub, so it allows you to easily change the editor code to your preference. You can also install the packages posted by other to change the functions and interface of Atom app. Since it’s an open-source software, you can get it for free.

Download Atom

  1. JEdit – Free

The next one is jEdit app. It’s is another free app for text editor created for the coders. It comes with the features that stem from Windows, Linux, and Mac. There are also many keyboard shortcuts for you to cut down on the time coding. It will help you make coding easier and customize the program.

Download Jedit

  1. Brackets – Free

Brackets, developed by Adobe, is an open-source code editor, which is free to download and use. The most amazing feature from the app is that it allows you to use its Extract feature, which can help you suggest the name, extract colors, fonts, and measurements from a PSD file, and then turn it into the CSS styles.

The Brackets app is also updated with new features monthly, so you will get many new extensions to speed up coding. It offers to change the theme and the interface to your liking.

Download Brackets

  1. Komodo Edit – Free

This can be a lite version when comparing to Notepad++. Although it cannot support the full package, Komodo Edit still comes with the functions of the pro version: Komodo IDE. Additionally, it allows you to download the repositories from Github for adding extensions and themes.

Download Komodo Edit

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  1. UltraEdit – $80

While UltraEdit is an expensive code editor, it’s one of the best Notepad++ alternatives for Mac devices. There are a number of features including multi-select, highlight syntax, block/column editing, and much more for you to use. This is an editor designed for the professionals to handle a bundle of workload.

Download UltraEdit

  1. Sublime Text – $70

This is also a great Notepad++ alternative for Mac, thanks to its simple interface and the functionalities. You can highlight the syntax, interface customizability and other great features, which is similar to Notepad++.

Get Sublime Text

These are the best Notepad++ alternatives for your Mac that you should get one of them. Let’s know in the comment.

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