Best Password Manager Apps For iOS And Android

Password management is now very important for smartphones. However, managing is never easy if you have too many accounts. So, you need to use some efficient management apps to help you. In this post, we’ll show you the best password manager apps to use on your iPhone/iPad. Let’s take a look at them below.

Best Password Manager Apps For iOS & Android Devices

Choosing which of the best Manager apps for your devices can be a difficult decision. Here are the best apps for you.

  1. mSecure Password Manager

mSecure Password Manager is a great app for iOS device, which allows you to manage your passwords. The app uses its 256-bit encryption, so all kind of passwords hidden codes, voice mails, banking details will automatically be encrypted and protected from unknown access.

There are various features such as iCloud and Dropbox integration, automatic backup, password generator, built-in browser, etc, which are very helpful to protect and manage all your passwords comfortably and securely.

Get mSecure for iOS

Get mSecure for Android

  1. eWallet – Password Manager

eWallet is another efficient app that is used to save your different passwords and manage them with the app secure database. It will use the 256-bit encryption to save your passwords, which is completely protected without worrying about being leaked.

You can install eWallet on your iOS device to manage your bank account numbers, passwords, passcodes, as well as other data, which is important for you. It also comes with other features, including auto-lock, iCloud integration, Touch ID support and others.

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  1. MiniKeePass – Secure Password Manager

Another great app for your password management is MiniKeePass. It is one of the best apps that can do everything, and you no longer have to about your passwords. It is an open source secure database and you can also open KeePass 2.x files in a safe manner.

With MiniKeePass app, you can easily create, edit, as well as import/export databases. There are other options for Cloud syncing, or others cloud storage, which is useful to provide you with a full security of your passwords.

Get MiniKeePass for iOS

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  1. 1Password – Secure password manager

1Password is the oldest app, which is used by many Android & iOS users for password management. You should install it on your device because of its security supportive features. You can set and use multiple vaults, tags, Touch ID support and other custom fields based on your needs.

There are also other features that let you easily sync your database through cloud storage, as well as other features for the best security of your passwords. You will also receive alerts if there is any breach in the protection. All your data is protected and you can get rid of your concern with this app.

Get 1Password for iOS

Get 1Password for Android

  1. oneSafe 4 password Manager

The last app we want to introduce to you is OneSafe 4 password manager app. It is a reliable and powerful app to securely protect your passwords on your iOS device. Its interface is simple and attractive to use on iOS devices and even Apple Watches.

The app will use its powerful encryption algorithm to protect your passwords and other private information safely and securely. There are also several other features for you to discover.

Get oneSafe for iOS

Get oneSafe for Android

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