Four Best Translation Apps for iPhone and iPad

Most of you have to work with different people from other countries. Growing up the businesses and the global market has set new boundaries. In this circumstance, the translation services are very necessary. There are hundreds of languages around the world and you are not able to expertise in all of them. So using the … Read more

How to set up and use iCloud Photos on Windows 10

Apple always wants its users to use Mac with their iPhone/iPad. However, not everyone iPhone/iPad user is affordable to get a iMac or MacBook for themselves. Instead, they use it on their Windows computers. There are many services, of course, that are restricted for Windows users. However, such important features are still available for Windows. … Read more

Apple Updates Analytics Service For Showing How Apps Get Discovered Better

App Analytics is an Apple’s service that is available through iTunes Connect and helps developers see how a mobile user discovers their app. According to a report today, Apple is making some changes to this service. With new tools, developers can now find how the user made their way to their app, whether that’s through a … Read more

Apple starts selling LG’s new Ultrafine 5K Display at its online store

The good news for customers who have been looking forward to purchasing LG Ultrafine 5K Display: It is now officially available for purchase via Apple’s online store. LG’s new Ultrafine 5K Display was first unveiled at Apple’s Mac event in October. The monitor was expected to be released in December but LG recently delayed its … Read more

Know how you invite users to your HomeKit home

HomeKit is an Apple’s iOS-based framework for communicating with and controlling HomeKit-enabled accessories like smart lights, smart locks or a smart thermostat in a user’s home. But it’s not only you who can control such accessories, you can even invite family members, roomies and guests to control them. In this guide, we will be presenting … Read more