A Removable Lens Camera For The iPhone?

Good news for picky phone photographers. Apple, in an attempt to revolutionize the way people take pictures with cameras on its smartphones, filed a patent for an iPhone with a swappable glass, in order to provide the flexibility that only a camera with interchangeable lenses can. Wondering what this is? People tend to like Apple because it keeps … Read more

Mixtab App Review For The Mac

Trying out Mixtab for OS X, a free news reader app available on the Mac App Store, has truly been a pleasure. After the first use, I found myself constantly going back to it and ditching all of the alternatives that I previously had installed. It is such a pleasure to use for a number … Read more

What’s New In iOS 6

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference brought the announcement of Apple’s highly anticipated update to its mobile operating system that powers the company’s iDevices such as the iPhone and iPad, iOS 6. iOS 6, which is due to launch publicly this fall, is filled with a whole lot of new features that will make using Apple’s … Read more

Top 5 Most Expensive iPhone Apps

Apple’s iTunes holds a big number of different apps for all occasions and tastes. Most of them are either free or cost some $1-5; sometimes you can see apps for $10 or more, but it’s more an exception than a rule. Until yesterday I used to think that the most expensive iPhone apps cost something … Read more

Safari On The iPad 2

There are countless other browsers in the iPad app store that are better than Safari, that is, until iOS 5 came out Safari got a massive facelift. I was so impressed with the updated Safari browser I dumped my paid browser and switched back to Safari. Let me go through a list of the changes … Read more

Top 5 iPhone Apps For Backpackers

1.  Skype Even the most technophobic travelers will likely have heard of Skype by now and the iPhone app is no different to the website itself. Particularly suited to the new iPhones with the front-facing cameras, the Skype app allows users to converse via Wi-Fi (or even 3G) with other Skype users anywhere in the world, regardless … Read more

Is The iPad Just A Toy?

When the iPad was released I wondered whether this device was really going to take off. Since it was an Apple product I figured it would initially be a big hit since their previous major product release, the iPhone, had been so successful. But the bigger question I had was whether the tablet device itself … Read more

Why I Never Buy Apple Care

Whenever I buy a product, like a refrigerator, television or a computer, I am offered the option of buying an extended warranty by a pushy salesperson. Warranties are how some stores make their money. The profit margins are often times so small that the store makes more money on selling warranties than on selling the … Read more