Easy steps to reverse mouse and touchpad scrolling direction on Windows 10

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How to Download Netflix Movies On Android and iOS to Watch Offline

Spending long hours on Netflix watching movies and TV shows is great. However, if you have a long journey coming up, I’m sure many of you want to download movies or TV shows from Netflix to enjoy later. This way, you watch your favorite Netflix without the need for an internet connection or Wi-Fi. So, … Read more

How To Fix A 503 Service Unavailable Error

A 503 Service Unavailable Error usually occurs when a web server cannot temporarily handle a request. The error is on the website and you can do nothing about it, but try again later. However, there are still a few quick things you can try. Similar to other errors like this, website designers can customize the interface of … Read more

How to Set up Android Parental Controls And Content Filtering

Kids might sometimes do something that they should not. However, fortunately, there are countless tools that give parents peace of mind when handing children a smartphone. All Android devices come with parental controls or other kinds of content filtering. From Android 5.0 version, Google gives users better controls and especially a guest mode for kids. … Read more