Check out Tips to Care for your iPhone or iPad Battery

Battery life is a common problem of many people when using the phone. In fact, after a period of use, the battery will reduce performance. So, in this post, we’ll show you some tips to avoid damaging the battery.

Tips to care for your iPhone or iPad Battery

The first tip is to avoid temperature extremes, especially heat. About 62° to 72° F (16–22° C) is the best temperatures for your battery to work. With higher temperatures than 95°F, your battery can get damaged. So, you should avoid leaving your device in the sun.

Don’t leave your battery when charging: Because, this can retain heat and make your iPhone or iPad to overheat during charging.

Updating to the latest version of iOS is a good choice. Each update often brings improvements in battery efficiency. When your battery is more efficient, it is used less and the longer its lifespan.

Make sure charge your battery usually. The charger can recognize when the battery is full, so you don’t need to worry about over-charging it.

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When Storing Your Device

You should put your device at half charge when storing it for a long period. You should store your iPhone or iPad at 50 percent, if you don’t use it for a period of weeks or months. In case, you store your device when it’s empty, you can cause damage such that it will no longer charge. In case, you store your device at 100 percent, you can accidentally decrease its daily capacity. Make sure bringing the charge up to 50 percent after each six months, if you store your device for a very long period.

Remember that, always power down your device before storing it: Besides storing your device at 50 percent, you should power down it before storing it.

It is necessary to store your device at a temperature less than 90°. During long-term storage, you must ensure your device isn’t exposed to high temperatures because heat can cause damage it. You need to ensure the environment should be moisture-free.

Outdated Practices for Taking Care of Your Battery

About avoiding completely draining your battery — this isn’t a problem anymore with newer iPhone batteries. However, you may wish to continue this practice if you have an older iPhone.


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