Cool Features You Can Do With Samsung Galaxy S10

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Compared to the last year Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, the new Galaxy S10 lineup has a lot of interesting things like the fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen, triple rear cameras, or the ability to charge other gadgets. There’s a lot of things you don’t know, so you should take advantage of Galaxy S10 features. So in this post, we have gathered a list of things you should try right away. Here are cool things your new Galaxy S10 phone could do.

Cool Features You Can Do With Samsung Galaxy S10

Unlock With a Fingerprint

One of the coolest things on the new Galaxy S10 lineup is the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen.

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Instead of the physical fingerprint reader, which is hard to reach on the back like the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, you now just tap on the glass on the screen and your fingerprint will be read by ultrasonic sound waves. These new Galaxy S10 devices are not only taking a photo like other Android phones did with optical sensors from 2018, but it’s also reading your prints with sound waves.

You can unlock your phone even when the screen is off, in a low-power mode, even especially your finger is wet since there is a 3D anti-spoofing technology with it. So, no one cannot unlock your phone even when they have a tape-strip of your finger. It’s very secure.

Faster Apps & Better Performance

Every flagship comes with faster performance or speeds, whether it’s the hardware or a more powerful processor. With the Galaxy S10 devices, Samsung has upgraded many things to actually make Galaxy S10 models faster than ever before.

The Galaxy S10 lineup will use a new AI technology to optimize the battery life, CPU, RAM, and phone temperature based on your use & tasks. Combining with the improvements of Android 9 Pie (One UI), Snapdragon 855 ( Exynos 9820) SoC, USF3 storage flash and Wi-Fi 6 protocols, Galaxy S10 will be fast devices.

Samsung claimed that the Galaxy S10 lineup would load apps faster, thanks to the new processor and AI, and even the Wi-Fi 6 built-in as well.

Reverse wireless charging

One of the features that many users are interested in is the ability to reverse wireless charging, which is simply called Powershare. This is probably the coolest Galaxy S10 feature you’ll likely never use.

All you need is to drop a Galaxy S9, iPhone XS, Galaxy Buds, or even a smartwatch on the back of the Galaxy S10, and it will then recharge the device.

5 Cameras In Total

Another cool thing you can do with Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ devices is to take beautiful photos or video recording. These phones are highly evaluated when get a very high mark by DxOMark.

The main 12MP camera f1.5 on the back allows taking great photos. In addition, the camera lets you record 960 FPS slow-motion videos, which is very stunning. This year, Samsung há already improved the 960 FPS technology. Depending on the variants of the Galaxy S10 you purchase, you can do other incredible things.

Both the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus have three cameras on the back, including the main camera, one tele lens with 3x optical zoom, and a super wide-angle camera for landscape photos.

Turn Yourself into an Emoji

There is a feature that Samsung didn’t mention up on the launch event is the new 3D AR Emoji 2.0 technology. It’s an answer to the new Apple Animoji.

This year Samsung made Emoji better than in 2018. If you choose the Galaxy 10 Plus with dual cameras on the front, you will be able to take a better 3D image of your face.

Here’s how Emoji works:

  • Take a selfie with the front-facing camera, our Galaxy S10 phone will instantly turn you into an AR emoji.
  • Move your head on the screen like yours and it shows your emotions or facial expressions and is completely customizable.

Create a GIF from any short Video

A GIF is a moving image, which is shorter than video, but easier to share through messages, emails, or social media. Everyone loves GIFs, right?

Similar to the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus, the Galaxy S10 also comes with “GIF MAKER” tool located in the video player app. All you need is to open the gallery app and play a video on your device to start.

When it starts playing, quickly hit the “GIF” tool button in the middle bottom. Next, you simply crop the image to make the perfect GIF size, increase the speed and do other adjustments. Now, simply tap on Save and share the GIF anywhere you like. The process is super easy to do.

Pack up to 1.5TB of Storage

Two years ago, users could only get 32 or the highest 64GB of internal storage on their phone. However, this year, Samsung has constantly made fun of Apple users who felt a lack of storage to take photos.

You might know that Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ is the phone that has more storage than any smartphone currently on the market. You can get a variant with a 1,5TB of internal storage.

The bigger Galaxy S10 Plus is available in 128GB, 512GB or 1TB ROM models. Additionally, it also supports a microSD slot, unlike most current flagships.

So, purchasing 1TB model and a 512GB microSD card, you will get up to 1.5TB of storage space in your pocket.

Above are coolest features about the new Galaxy S10 lineup that you might not know. If you feel this post helpful, let’s know in the comment below.

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