How to Delete iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 Beta Profile from iPhone/iPad

You have just installed iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 beta on your iPhone/iPad, but you found too many bugs! Well, that’s common when coming to beta life. If you are encountering problems like apps crashing or any bugs, it’s time to delete beta profile on your iPhone and iPad.


While the public version of iOS 13 will be available soon anyway, the beta life isn’t suitable for everyone. Do you want to unroll it? You should prepare to restore your iOS device from iTunes or an iCloud backup of iOS 12 which you ahve previously created before installing iOS 13 beta. If you want to stay on iOS 13 beta itself, you dont need to restore your iPhone/iPad when the iOS 13 public version is officially rolled out

Removing iOS 13/iPadOS 13 beta profile your iOS device isn’t a complex task! It’s pretty secure to perform on your iOS device. Follow the instruction given below to know more about how you can remove the beta profile from your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to Delete Beta Profile from iPhone and iPad running on iOS 13/iPadOS 13

The data is important for many users. So, to make sure you do not lose any data in during the process, you should take a backup of your iPhone before following this instruction. To do so

Step 1: Open Settings app on your iOS device and tap on General.

Step 2: Scroll down to select Profile option and tap on it. Nexxt, tap on iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 Beta Profile.

Step 3Tap on Remove Profile in red color. After that, enter the passcode of your phone and confirm by tapping on Remove option.

Step 4: Finally, restart your iPhone or iPad and the beta profile will be deleted from your iPhone/iPad.

All the process above is absolutely safe, but you might not know that your important contacts or data will be deleted during the process. Let’s know in the comment section if you encounter any issues while removing the beta profile from your iPhone/iPad that is running on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 beta version.

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