DX 700 and DX 650 4K TVs launched by Panasonic in India

Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd has just released a new range of 4K TVs that signals a new era of TV innovation. The new series consists of DX 700 and DX 650 with the screen size varying from 40-inch to 50 inch. These TVs are packed with Chroma Drive Plus, and IPS LED display panel that are able to provide incredible picture quality along with breathtaking brightness, better contrast, and accurate colors. Indeed, Panasonic is aiming to shape the future of TV with innovations in 4K UHD technology.

In order to offer a seamless viewing experience, DX 700 and DX 650 come with a stunning design and cool features. The DX 700 series (65-inch) costs Rs. 3,10,000 and is equipped with studio Master HCX Processor that offers outstanding color performance, brightness and contrast. Plus, it comes with built-in wireless LAN, 4 HDMI Terminals, 3 USB Terminals and also works well with Bluetooth. Particularly, the DX 700 includes a Touch Pad Remote and TV remote app support.

The DX 650 series comes in 40-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch variants starting at Rs. 74,900. Arriving with IPS LED Super Bright Panel and 1000HZ BMR 4K IFC2, these variants deliver wide viewing angle so that the picture gets more dynamic. Besides, its local dimming and 4K pure direct provides true-to-life picture quality that surely catches consumers’ attention. Moreover, with its new frame design and impressive design, the DX 650 series fits perfectly in every room in your house.

DX 700 and DX 650 are Firefox OS compatible and integrated with 3D, 4K media player, HDMI ports, USB terminals, TV remote app, and especially multi-noise reduction feature that make the picture look crystal clear with great detail. The new series is present in all Panasonic stores in India, so now just get one in your hands and enjoy incredible things.

It can be seen that with this lineup, Panasonic, a global leader in 4K UHD technology, is trying to develop its 4K TV lineup and account for 10% TV market share.


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