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On September 9th, Google has officially released the latest version of Android 11. Accordingly, the Google Pixel will of course be the first to be released to Android 11. Models like the OnePlus8 and OnePlus 8 Pro 5G running beta versions of OxygenOS have also received Android 11. Surely all other smartphones will receive the update in the next few months as well. Flagships will be favored over mid-range and low-cost models. The update does not bring about too much innovation, but it also provides users with some very useful and interesting improvements, helping us to have a better experience with our phone. So what are the new features in Android 11? Let check them out!


Change In Messages and Notifications


On Android 11, Google has added API Bubbles to help users messaging applications including the default Messenger. Now your chat can be displayed as a hidden bubble or shadow chat, similar to Facebook Messenger. In addition, the messages are also grouped in a separate area at the top of the notification bar. Thanks to that you can quickly update messages from your friends and family.


Screen Capture and Recording

Now, on Android 11, after taking a screenshot, the edit and share menus will appear automatically, just like on iOS. Users can quickly crop, edit, write or draw on screenshots instantly without accessing the camera roll. A screen recording tool is also built in the system. As a result, users do not need to download third-party applications, which are often limited and watermarked.


Customize Power Key’s Function with Power Menu


Aside from being used to shut down and reboot the phone, the power button on Android 11 can do more with the Power Menu. You can set up to access Google Home and control your smart home with the click of a button. Overseas, you can activate Android Pay, the credit card payment platform right on your phone.

Auto Revoke Permissions

On Android 11, in addition to the One-time permissions option that similar to iOS, there is another super interesting feature. It is the Auto Revoke Permissions feature. This will be extremely useful for users who have a habit of downloading a disposable app and then forgot to use it again. Accordingly, this feature will automatically revoke the permissions granted such as camera permission, memory access, name access,  and location when the application is not used for a period of time. 


Displays a Notification When The Phone Is Misaligned on Wireless Charging


This is a feature is on the Google Pixel 4 with Android 11 Developer Preview. Accordingly, it will automatically be activated when users leave the phone on the wireless charging dock. The operating system will monitor the charging progress. If it detects any abnormal in input power, a notification will pop up on your phone. Normally changes in input power happen due to misaligned or deviation when you put the phone on the charging dock. Therefore, the notification will help users to identify what’s wrong and place their phone in the proper position.

There will be A Hidden Bin On Android 11


Android 11 will have a recycle bin like the Recycle Bin of Windows 10. This means that now when you delete a file, you can still find it again when necessary, not permanently deleted as before. To achieve this feature, Google programmers used an API function called MediaStore. This API function is to convert a file such as photos, music, or videos to a junk folder of the system and set the time to delete the file permanently.


Free Trials and Install

In the Android 11 update, there will be a “Free Trials and Install” button next to the previous “Install “button when you access the Play Store. By using the Free Trials and Install feature, users will be able to preview information about the subscription. This is including how long it will last, how much the fee is after the trial, and the user’s benefits when registering to use the application. All of the above information will be in a single section right below the application description. After knowing all the necessary information, users can decide whether to download the app or not. On top of that, this feature also provides a good way to prevent unexpected viruses and malware

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