Funding Your Favorite Computer Games

Computer and console games are pretty expensive these days. Demand is high, and they certainly don’t come cheap if you want to buy them brand-new. And who doesn’t? You’re definitely not going to wait three months to play the new Grand Theft Auto when it finally hits the store shelves after all these years.

To that end, we’ve compiled a short list of quick and easy tips for you to employ in order to be able to afford the brand new games as soon as they come out.

Sell your old music CDs

Do you actually keep music CDs anymore? Gather them all around, except for the truly sentimental ones that will possibly be worth more than just their face value price, and copy them onto your computer.

There – now you’ve got them saved onto your computer, why do you want to take up unnecessary space with them in your house? Go online again, and evaluate how much you can get rid of them for.

Buy second-hand

Okay, you shouldn’t have to wait three months to buy a new game you’ve been waiting for so long for, but there’s no harm in buying it second-hand, is there? You’d be surprised at how fast some pro-gamers clock these games and then put them up for sale immediately.

Go online and have a browse the next time a game comes out, not necessarily one that you want to buy. Just keep an eye on it, and see how long it takes for someone to finish it after it’s released, and then sell it online for slightly cheaper, and sell them right after you’re done.

This mostly applies to the games that you can’t wait to get your hands on, but know that you’re going to finish really quickly. You know the ones I’m talking about – the games with little replay value and very linear storylines. You’d have to be seriously bored to play one of those twice in a row.

Or, just rent them instead

Still don’t have enough cash? Why don’t you just rent the game instead? Again, this applies to games that won’t take too long to finish. Reading reviews to see how long it takes to clock the game will help; if reviewers took a Friday evening to finish it, it’s probably not worth buying, and better for renting.

Sell your old games

That should be fairly obvious. If you’re an avid gamer, walk around the house and see how many games you can find that you just don’t touch anymore. There’s no time for sentimentality here: be ruthless.

Get that one that you never liked in the first place, as well as the one that you’ve played so many times over that you can play it blindfolded.

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