Games like Pac-Man, Zookeeper and more are now included in Facebook Messenger

It can be seen that Facebook Messenger serves as a handy place for people to communicate with each other. Perhaps, many of us spend much time on the chat app to do such thing, so you may still be in it more, as Facebook is going to add some games to it.

Well, this is true as the social network today rolled out a closed beta with a total of 17 games to the Facebook Messenger. So, iOS and Android users can now start playing popular games, including the likes of Pac-Man, Galaga, Zookeeper, Space Invaders, and a more recent hit, Words With Friends. Users just need to tap on the game controller option when inside a conversation thread, and they will be automatically taken to the game, and start playing in right from their device.

When you are done with your turn and post a high score, that score should then be sent to the person you are talking to. This also provides them with the chance to play the game so that they can beat your score. In particular, you can also search for your favorite game by typing in its name in the Facebook Messenger search field.

Facebook says, the new gaming feature will be available in the latest version of the Facebook Messenger app, and in 30 countries initially. It is also available for Android and iOS devices.

This isn’t the first time Facebook add games within Messenger. For example, the social network hid a basketball minigame inside its Messenger app in order to celebrate college basketball’s March Madness tournament. You just need to send your friend a basketball emoji, and start playing.

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What do you think of Facebook’s decision to add games within its messaging app? Share with us in the comments section below.

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