Google Brings Smart Reply to Gmail for iOS and Android

According to Google’s announcement today, the company is introducing its new feature called Smart Reply to its over one billion Gmail users. Google users have widely used Smart Reply feature for Inbox since over a year.

After launching Allo last year, Google conducted a negotiation with the aim to integrating Smart Reply into the app. Through deep machine learning, users will be automatically supplied with relevant replies for incoming messages.

In the upcoming time, billions of Gmail users all over the globe will soon have a chance to experience the same feature by Google. In 2015, this feature was first applied to Inbox After that, the first time it was used with the web version was in 2016.

The company says that the working way of Smart Reply in Gmail is nothing different from that of Smart Reply in Inbox. To be more specific, when you response to an email, Smart Reply will appear at the bottom of the screen. Besides, this feature also offers you with three replies which are based on the content of the email you have received. Then, it is possible for you to make use of the Smart Reply option and edit it to your liking. Because Smart Reply can understand machine learning, it will observe your typing habits and then upgrade itself time by time.

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Frankly speaking, Smart Reply in Gmail may not fulfill all users’ demands since it is not optimal enough to automatically suggest you long responses. However, it can be regarded as a quite good option to save your precious time for the fact that it can at least recommend you the first line.

Android and iOS Gmail users will not have to wait longer to see the launch of Smart Reply supporting English. In the meanwhile, next weeks the Smart Reply version which supports Spanish language will also be supplemented.

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