Google’s Allo users can now share files

At a media event taken place in São Paulo, Brazil, Google unveiled that its messaging app –Google Allo has been supplemented two new functions including support for the Smart Smiley feature in Portuguese and document sharing in group chats. It has been a half of year since Google Allo was first introduced on Android that sharing files in public was malfunctioned. This is really a big gap in the app’s features. Most users have a demand for exchanging documents among each other, so Google quickly addresses this issue. Now, almost of files formatted by PDF documents, Zip archives, MP3 soundtracks can be shared in teams. Google has not announced when this new feature will hit Allo on iOS devices, but we’re sure iOS users will not have to wait too long.

If you pay attention to the Allo app, you will notice a new sixth icon, which has the shape of a paper clip. This symbol allows you to to attach documents and then send them to your Allo discussions. Right after you tap that paper clip icon, you will be taken to your device’s file explorer. Here you can choose from the supported collections, including .pdf, .docs, .apk, .zip, and mp3 files.

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In addition, users in Brazil can now gain benefits from Google Allo’s Smart Smiley feature in Portuguese. Smart Smiley utilizes machine learning to support you in discovering the ideal emoji. You are also required to tap the Smart Smiley icon on the compose bar, which is similar to Apple’s tap-to-emojify feature in the stock Messages app on iOS 10. Allo will recommend you relevant stickers and emojis to help you express your thought more effectively.

The search company has lately upgraded Allo for iOS devices with a triple of new characteristics: animated emoji, one-tap Google Assistant, and a redesigned GIF picker.

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