Google’s new Security-focused page for Android Devs

Securing Android devices has become increasingly important in recent years. This is true as Android device owners are very afraid of downloading Google Play Store apps due to the malware or data leaks. And thankfully, in order to address the issue and make Android the most secure mobile platform in the world, Google has just released a new security-focused page on its Android developers site where app creators will get tips so that they can guarantee that their clients are not presented with malware or data leaks.

The new page gives developers a quick security essentials checklist that is aimed at aiding them in building a secure Android app. The checklist includes Store Data Safely (to minimize the use of sensitive APIs, and ensure data from external storage has been verified before using it), Enforce Secure Communication (to make sure the apps use HTTPS/SSL for secure connections), Update Security Provider (to suggest that the device’s security provider offers automatic updates), and Pay Attention to Permissions (to suggest apps only use necessary permissions and that developers should focus on the permissions used by the app’s libraries).

Not stopping there, the new security-focused page for Android developers offers links to previous blog posts that enable developers to make apps more secure. Besides, information on the company’s Android Security and Google Patch Rewards programs are also included in the page. Such programs are responsible for giving cash rewards to security experts who can detect flaws in the Android OS.

Generally speaking, the new security-focused page for Android developers serves as a perfect place for Android developers to explore the app security.

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What are your thoughts on the new security-focused page for Android developers? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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