Google’s Surface Hub competitor to launch in May

After a long wait, Google has finally revealed the pricing and launch date for the Jamboard, a big 55-inch 4K cloud-first whiteboard that is specifically designed for businesses. The device will hit stores in May for the price of $4,999, plus a $600 yearly maintenance fee. If you purchase it before September, Google will cut the annual fee to $300 and include a wall mount.

The Jamboard is designed to link up and show any files that businesses store in their Google Docs, Sheets and Slides accounts on a large screen. Plus, it has the ability to add images stored on a Google Drive account. The Jamboard will sport a display with 16 simultaneous touch points capable of recognizing handwriting and hand-drawn shapes. Plus, it offers users useful tools like sticky notes or stencils that are intended to improve business presentation. It will also feature wide-angle camera, speakers and microphones, along with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections and especially offer support for Google Cast. Users can expect to draw on the Jamboard using the two crayon-looking passive styli, along with an eraser for wiping the whiteboard clean of content. It’s worth noting that any changes to the files made on the whiteboard will be saved in the cloud, and employees will have the option to check them out later on their own smartphones and tablets.

The 55-inch device is also designed to be in direct competition with Microsoft’s 55-inch Surface Hub, which only features a 1080p display. Google’s device is much cheaper than the Surface Hub, which comes in at $8,999.

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