Here is why you should download iOS 10 right now

iOS 10 is finally here with tons of new features and changes. Apple calls it the biggest iOS release ever in history. You may be wondering if iOS 10 is worth the upgrade. In this post, we will cover 7 reasons why you should update to Apple’s latest mobile operating system.

  1. Delete stock apps


With iOS 10, Apple finally allows you to remove stock apps from Home screen that you don’t care about. This is a long-awaited feature for all iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch fans following reports that Apple’s built-in apps take up a large amount of space. In iOS 10, Apple lets you delete up to 23 stock app from home screen such as Compass, Weather, Stock and more.

  1. Turn words into emojis


With iOS 10, messaging has never been so fun with stickers, emojis, third-party apps and more. The latest iOS 10 version comes with more emojis that enhance your texting experience including Disney, Pokemon Pixel Art, Star Wars and Super Mario. Besides, you can turn words into emojis right inside your conversation, which could be a perfect way to convoy emotions.

  1. Enlarge things using Magnifier


In iOS 10, the camera app now includes magnifier that allows you to enlarge anything that is seen through your camera’s lens. To activate this feature, all you have to do is to go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier. After that, click the Home button three times to activate the feature while you are the Camera.

  1. Sharing web links are now much easier than ever


iOS 10 allows you to easily share web links with your friends. From now on, all you have to do is to press and hold on the link until you see the “Share” option. Tap on the “Share” button to share your web link with someone.

  1. Send music previews via Messages

With iOS 10, messaging makes things better thanks its large package of new features. One of such feature is the ability to send a quick preview of a song to your friends right inside the messaging thread, so the recipient can listen to the song you receive with a simple touch.

  1. Accessing Camera has never been so simple


iOS 10 comes with a lot of enhancements for Apple’s camera app. Accessing camera is still from the lock screen, but this time, everything becomes much simpler as you just swipe left on your lock screen.  Besides, you can access the front-facing camera using asking Siri to “Take a selfie”.

  1. Open Camera while playing Music

In iOS 10, you now can launch the Camera app while listening to Music. Your track will not be affected until you activate the video mode on your device.

That’s it! We have mentioned seven reasons you should update to iOS 10 right now. iOS 10 is packed with a lot of exciting features that give users a solid reason to update. If you are still reluctant, stop messing around and get iOS 10 right now.

Don’t forget to share with us your iOS experience in the comments section below.

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