Here’s how you can create your own battery-saving “Lite Apps” for Android


Some of the main web services, most notably Facebook, own Android apps which take up too much space and drain battery life at an alarming rate. This has created a new trend: third-party developers create “lite” apps that are essentially the mobile website broken down into a native Android app. Lite apps help free up storage space, save battery life without having to sacrifice many features.

However, lite apps aren’t available for every website. That’s why developer named Chimbori recently rolled out a utility which will let us create our own lite apps. With the help of this utility, you can definitely create a lite version app of any web service in a few seconds. Plus, the interface is fully customizable and especially ad-free. And in this post, we would like to show you how to do it. Take a look.

Step 1: Install Hermit

First and foremost, you are required to install the app dubbed Hermit before turning your favorite website into a native Android app.

step 1

Step 2: Create your own lite app

Next, you just need to launch Hermit, then tap the plus button in the bottom-right corner of your screen. You are now presented with two options. You can either feed a website’s URL into the bar at the top of the screen, or choose from one of the presets available underneath this menu.

step 2

Note that the two methods will walk you through the same set-up process from now on. Once you’re taken to the website’s main page (or the page you wish to see as soon as your lite app launches), simply use the text input field at the bottom of your screen in order to name your app. Once finished, tap Create, then your new lite app will automatically launch. If needed, you should sign in the website at this point.

step 3

Step 3: Customize your lite app

From here, you open the navigation menu by swiping from anywhere along the right edge of the screen toward right, then choose Customize to make several tweaks for your new lite app. The Behavior tab provides some options to customize the interface, including the ability to add Pull to refresh functionality, expanding the app into full-screen mode, and the ability to open external links in your lite app. Besides, the Block Ads option is enabled by default, and there are some options that allow you to customize the content from the website.

step 4

Then, you go to Themes tab by swiping to the right. From here, you can change the status bar and action bar colors at the top of the screen, or even select a custom app icon. The Integration tab allows you to set up notifications and search functions, so your lite app can truly act as a regular app. But when you are done customizing, remember to tap the check mark in the top-right corner to apply your changes.

step 5

Step 4: Browse your favorite sites without ads or battery drain

From now on, you can use your lite app like any other Android apps. With the help of Hermit, you can also access the app you create quickly by tapping its icon displaying on your home screen. The interface for your new app even uses new Material Design. However, the rest of the app is basically just the mobile version of the website. Thus, you will be able to browse your favorite sites without ads and battery drain.

ste 6

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