How to add Apple Music album to the Home screen

The Shortcuts app in iOS 12 version allows music lovers to add the album that they have been listening to their Home screen on an iOS device, can be played with a tap of an icon.

Getting started with iOS 12, it’s much easier to speed up operations on iPhone and iPad with the Shortcuts app, which is a redesigned version of the popular third-party iOS app like Workflow. In this post, we will show you the process of using a built-in template in Shortcuts to automate this manual operation. You can play your favorite album just by a single tap of the Home screen icon.

How to add Apple Music album to the Home screen

If your device is running iOS 12 or newer, just follow the below steps:

1) Launch the Shortcuts app on your iOS 12 iPhone/iPad.

2) Tap on Gallery at the bottom.

3) Select the “Play an album” playlist under the Explore Apple Music. After that, tap on Get Shortcut and confirm adding it to your library by tapping on Done.

4) Move to Library tab at the bottom and tap on three dots button in the upper-right corner.

5) Type in your desired album in the field titled Text.

6) The album title will be passed to the Find Music action. From there, configure it by playing with the available options, including:

  • Sort By:
  • Order:
  • Limit:

We suggest choosing the Album Track # option if you want to keep the album’s original sorting.

7) The tunes that match your criteria will be passed as an argument to the Play Music action, which provides some customization options like Shuffle or Repeat.

 8) Next, tap on the Settings button next to the top-right corner

9) Tap on Name, and then type in your favorite title for this action and save the changes.

10) Tap on Icon to choose your favorite Home screen icon for the action.

You can pick up an existing image from your Photos library or take a new one using your phone camera to make it as an icon graphic.

11) Now, adjust the following options to your liking, including

  • Add to Siri
  • Show in Widget
  •  Show in Share Sheet

12) Once done, tap on Add to Home Screen

Shortcuts will then be prompted to send a URL link to Safari since the Shortcut app is not allowed to add any icons to the Home screens. So, you have to follow the Safari’s process for saving websites. However, you should not worry as the process is the same with any bookmarked link.

Now, follow a few additional steps below.

13) Tap on Safari’s Share icon.

14) Select Add to Home Screen option

15) Next, enter a custom name for the icon of your home screen, and tap on Add to complete the process.

The shortcut will be then added to the Home screen. That’s all! You now get a cool icon on the Home screen including your album artwork.


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