How To Auto Shutdown Windows 10

Windows 10 version has a great credibility as well as helpful features which are specialized in tasks. If you are a business person or blogger, it’s also useful as well. Windows 10 is an excellent platform that can deal with kind of work, from online to offline. Nowadays, with portable laptops, we rarely shutdown our device. What we usefully do is just closing the laptop lid and letting it go in sleep. When we need to work again, it resumes the previous session we left before. However, you might not know that shutting down your Windows 10 laptop is essential for its performance and battery enhancement. So, in this post, we’d like to show you four different ways to Auto Shutdown your Windows 10 computer.

How to Auto Shutdown Windows 10 computer

Before proceeding, you should know why you need to shut down Windows 10. There are many reasons to do reboot your computer. But, you should shut down your Windows 10 laptop or PC in a while to get a better performance. Below is how to set up auto shutdown in Windows 10.

Run Dialog to Auto Shutdown

You can run dialog to easily auto Shutdown your Windows 10 computer. Simply follow the below steps to run a simple command to shut down your computer automatically after 10 minutes.

  1. First, press Win + R key combination to open the Run dialog.
  2. Use CD command to change the directory to C://Drive > Windows > system32.
  3. Enter the command: shutdown -s -t 600
  4. You Windows 10 will shut down automatically after 600 seconds (10 minutes).


Use CMD/PowerShell to Auto Shut down

Command Prompt (cmd) lets you do any tasks on Windows and it is more powerful than you think. You can do many things with Command Prompt. To auto shut down your Windows, you can “shutdown” command in cmd.

  1. Click on Start and open cmd as Administrator.
  2. Go to system32 directory with cd command.
  3. Enter the command: shutdown -s -t 600 and run it


Use Task Scheduler to Auto Shutdown Windows 10

You can also use Task Scheduler in your Windows 10 to auto shut down your computer just in a few clicks. Task Scheduler helps you execute functions at some specific time. Here is how you can auto shutdown your Windows 10 using Task Scheduler

  1. Open Task Scheduler on your computer.
  2. To create a new task, select “Create Basic Task” section.
  3. Enter your Name and Description for the task.
  4. Select the time to Trigger the task. For example, you can choose “Daily“.
  5. At Action section, choose “Start a program.
  6. Browse to the shutdown.exe file in “C:/Windows System32”.
  7. Enter: -s -t 6000 in Arguments box.
  8. Click on Finish to complete the task.

Use Software to Auto Shutdown

There are plenty of software available to auto shutdown your Windows 10 computer. Wise Auto Shutdown is a software that is specifically developed to Auto Shutdown Windows. It is one of the best Auto Shutdown tool, which is lightweight, and takes up very low CPU usage when working in the background. The application not just allows the auto shutdown, but also supports Auto Restart, Auto Sleep, as well as Auto Log off.

  1. First, install Wise Auto Shutdown software on your computer
  2. Double-click on its icon to open the software.
  3. Under Select a task, choose Shutdown
  4. Set the time to auto shutdown your computer.


These are four ways to auto shut down your Windows 10 computer. If you feel this post useful, let’s know in the comment.


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