How To Block Offensive Content On The Web

There are currently many offensive contents on the internet that we don’t want to see at all. So, the question arises that is how to block all the offensive content? Here are few ways that you can do. Just keep reading.

Blocking offensive content on the web is very simple. You can take advantage of an add-on or make some changes in the settings section. But note that the process is different from the browsers.

How To Block Offensive Content On The Web

  1. Google Chrome Browser

If you are using the Google Chrome browser for surfing internet, then Soothe extension is a great solution to block the offensive content. Additionally, this extension is free for you. Once it’s installed, all kind of offensive content or violent comment such as homophobic, sexist, etc. will be automatically blocked.


The extension will take advantage of the sentiment analysis and then get rid of all contents based on the nearby context. The extension works on all websites, so you should get this Chrome browser extension right away for free to protect you from the online harassments.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Blocking the offensive content in the Mozilla Firefox browser is similar to that of the Chrome browser. Since there is not any built-in feature, you should also need to install the add-on to stop the online harassments.

The best way to protect you from the offensive content is looking for the parental control add-ons. All you need is visiting the site, and look for the parental control. You will see the result fetching you a few helpful add-ons. Here are two best add-ons that you can consider for the Mozilla Firefox browser to block the offensive content.

FoxFilter: It works as a content filter that lets you block the inappropriate content. You can use the filtering features for free, but if you like experiencing the premium features, you need to pay out some money to get them.


ProCon Latte: It’s another helpful add-on for your Mozilla browser that also allows you to block the offensive content on the web. This add-on has a variety of filters, so you can choose the required filter and set the parental control.

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  1. Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer as the default browser, here are some useful tips you can try. Simply follow the step guide below to block offensive content on the web in the Internet Explorer.

  • Open the browser first and navigate to the ‘Internet Options’ tab.
  • From here, choose the Content section and head to ‘Content Advisor’ and click on ‘Enable’.
  • You will be taken to a new window with various tabs. Click on ‘Ratings’.
  • Now, choose all the stuff that needs to be blocked like gambling, pornographic, etc.
  • Click on ‘Approved sites’ and list a few sites for your kids if they are for your kid.

That’s all you have to do. All the offensive contents that have been selected to block will no longer display in the browser.


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