How To Bring iOS 11.1 emoji On Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

The recently-released iOS 11.1 version comes with a sandwich emoji for iOS keyboard. So if you have an iOS device jailbroken and you want these new emojies to get and send these newbies without losing your jailbreak, and you can, here is the most stable method to bring iOS 11.1’s emoji to lower jailbroken firmwares.

These emojies can stably work on iOS 5.1-10.2.1, and in this post we’ll instruct on 10. For iOS 9 and lower, you should follow the differences mentioned in this post.


How To Get New iOS 11.1 Emoji

  1. First, launch Cydia and add this source:
  2. Uninstall other emoji theming tweaks such as Bytafont, and EmojiFontManager. Besides, you should also remember to revert to the stock emoji before doing so!
  3. Now, move the emoji font file to your phone with the help of one of these methods AirDrop, email, etc, but the easiest way to get the iOS 11.1 emoji file is using Poomsmart:

For iOS 10.2+, visit this one.

For iOS <=9.3.3, visit this one.

You can also find it at /System/Library/Fonts/Apple Color Emoji.ttc on any Mac running macOS 10.13.1 beta 2 or higher, which is helpful for you to upload it.

  1. Now re-launch Cydia and install these packages:
  • EmojiPort (iOS 10)
  • EmojiLibrary
  • EmojiAttributes
  • Filza File Manager


If your device is running on iOS 9, you need to install EmojiPort (iOS 9.0-9.3) instead of EmojiPort (iOS 10). If your phone is on iOS 9-9.1, you need to install EmojiLocalization and EmojiResources.

  1. Once done, open Filza File Manager and then move the iOS 11.1 emoji font file that you saved it in Step 3 to a folder called /System/Library/Fonts/Core.
  2. Search for the original font files. There will be one, called AppleColorEmoji… After that, choose the Create ZIPoption to compress a backup, if you want to revert later.
  3. Once the backup is done, delete the original emoji font file(s) to replace with the iOS 11.1 version.
  4. Next, you make sure the iOS 11.1 font file in the folder. If it was zipped up, unzip it and then move it out of any enclosing folders. Rename the font file to the original file(s) you just deleted.This name is different from devices. For our iPhone 7, it needed to be named AppleColorEmoji@2x.ttc, as the originals were. If it’s not named to the original(s), the emojies won’t work.
  5. Now put the re-named iOS 11.1 file in place, and then respring your device.
  6. Finally, open a messaging app and change to the emoji keyboard.

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Steps To Return To Stock

If you want to return to stock emoji file, follow these steps below:

  1. Delete the iOS 11.1 font file from /System/Library/Fonts/Core.
  2. Unzip your original font file(s) that you previously backed up.
  3. Remove the backup .zip after the original files are unzipped.
  4. Uninstall all of the following packages you installed in Cydia:
  • EmojiPort (iOS 10) – EmojiPort (iOS 9.0-9.3)
  • EmojiAttributes
  • EmojiLocalization
  • EmojiLibrary
  • EmojiResources
  1. Finally, respring your phone and verify if your emoji are back to the iteration shipping with your installed firmware.

That’s all! You can now see the new additions in any app, including third party ones. If you feel it interesting, let’ know your thought in the comment below.


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