How to Check Data Usage on Android

Nobody wants to reach over the monthly data plan as you will have to pay more money for your carriers. Fortunately, there is an inbuilt control into Android system for you to manage everything.

Android’s data monitoring tools are in the same spot. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy flagship, or a Google Pixel 2, or something else, here are step-by-step instructions to check data usage on your phone.


There are some different methods to track data usage on your Android. Some carriers like Verizon even have dedicated apps for it. But using the tools built in on each phone is the simplest method. To do so:

  • Launch Android Settings menu
  • Tap on Network & Internet (or Connections on Samsung phones)
  • Choose Data Usage

From there, you’ll see all important information. Your entire data usage places on the right top of the screen. Below that is a data saver mode and mobile controls. Simply tap on App Data Usage to check a breakdown of each app and how much data it’s eating up. It’s also a good way to know a misbehaving app.

It’s worth noting that if the monthly billing cycle starts on the 1st day of the month. If not, you need to tap on data warning & limit and then set your “app data usage cycle”. This will allows you to change the beginning and end dates to match your plan.

How to Set Data Warning & Limits on Android

In the next part, we are going to show you steps to set warnings and limits to get rid of overage charges and fees. If you usually go over the data plan limit, you can set a warning or a data usage limit. Go to the same Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage menu mentioned and then do the following steps.

  • From the Data Usage menu, tap on Data warning & limit
  • Select the app data usage cycle, including start/end day of the month
  • Toggle the Set Data Warning to ON
  • Finally, tap on Data warning and select your warning level

Adding a data usage warning is a great way to get rid of overage charges. If your monthly data plan is just 5GB, you should set it for about 3-4GB. Y this way, you could know when you’ve used half of your data plan, and when you should cut it back. You can also tap on “Set data limit” and select something like 5GB. When your phone reaches the data limit, it will automatically disable data access to keep you from having to pay more.

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On older Android versions like Android 5.0 Lollipop and lower, simply pull down the notification bar and then tap and hold on the AT&T or 4G LTE icon. You will be taken to the data screen and you’ll get a quick-view of your data usage.

Here is how to quickly check your overall data usage on your Android phone. You can also set things like warnings or limits to prevent overage charges. Share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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