How to Check MacBook Battery Cycle Count and Health

Do you want to check MacBook battery cycle count? The battery of a notebook mainly depends on the cycle count. Once it reaches to the limit designed by the manufacturer, it’s considered as consumed. Although this does not affect to the performance of your laptop, it’s time you should get your battery replaced.

So, in this post, we’ll show you how to check MacBook battery cycle count to know if it’s time for the replacement.

How to Calculate MacBook Battery Cycle Count

The calculation depends on the consumption of all the power of your Mac’s battery, but it does not include a single charge. For example, if your MacBook charges fully to 100% and the battery consumption is 50%, then you charge device back to 100%, and continue using another 50% of the battery, it equals one battery cycle: 50 + 50 = 100.

Similarly, if you consume 20% battery and then charge it to 100% in five times, that’t time it’s calculated as a single battery cycle:20+20+20+20+20=100.

How to Check MacBook Battery Cycle Count

To check your MacBook’s battery cycle count, go to Apple icon –> About this Mac –> System Report, and select Power tab under Hardware. In the right panel, you’ll see Cycle Count.

Besides, you can also download the CoconutBattery App for Mac to check battery cycle count of your MacBook. This app helps you check the iPhone’s battery cycle count as well.

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Checking your battery cycle count is great, but it cannot help you if you don’t know the limit of your device. The limit is set by Apple and it’s a good indication of the whole life expectancy of the battery. Comparing to the calculated cycle count to Apple’s limits will help you find out how your battery is fairing.


Once again, you should keep in mind that battery cycle count gives you an approximate figure of your battery life expectancy. Obviously, if you feel your battery is performing poorly, you should get it replaced even though it does not reach to the limit set by Apple.

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