How To Clean Up Facebook News Feed

You see that your Facebook news feed comes with a jumble of annoying posts that you don’t want to care about. But you should not worry as Facebook gives its users a handful of tools that allow weeding out the stuff you don’t want see. These following tips will be applied to the Facebook app on smartphones.

  1. Tap the snooze button

If your friend is over-posting about a new job, there will be a new relationship. In case you want to hide people’s posts, Facebook allows you to hide their posts in 30 days with the help of the snooze feature. All you need to do is just tapping on the triple-dot button next to the post of the person, group, or even news outlet you want to hide from your news feed in 30 days. After that, tap on the Snooze option.

  1. Unfollow someone

There is an option, called Unfollow on Facebook, which lets you stay friends but stop following them and seeing their posts on your news feed. All you have to do is tapping the triple-dot button near the post of the person you don’t want to see anymore and then tap on the Unfollow option. You’ll stop seeing the posts of that person on your news feed. He or she, of course, won’t know you unfollow their Facebook activities.

  1. Hide post

If you still want to see someone’s posts on your news feed without being frequent, you can choose to show the fewer posts from that person. Just tap on the triple-dot button next to a post and then choose Hide post. The current post will be hidden, and from now, there will be fewer posts from that person appearing on your news feed.

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  1. Block/unfriend someone

Another option is unfriending someone. If you want to part ways with your Facebook friends, just access their profile page, and tap on the down-arrow button, select Block. Blocking will come with unfriending them, and they won’t be able to see your posts anymore or tag you in any posts. They will also not be notified that you have already unfriended them, but they can see your Facebook no longer appears on their friend list.

  1. Report a post

If you find a post that is offensive, you can report that post to Facebook. Just tap on the triple-dot button next to it and choose Give feedback on this post. You will now be given a few options to describe why the post is offensive — violence, suicide or self-injury, and others. Once you tap on an option, Facebook will then review the post and then remove it in case it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards. Don’t worry as all your information will be kept confidential if Facebook contacts the person having the offensive posts.

These are five common ways to clean up your Facebook newsfeed if you want. Choose the best one for yourself.


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