How to control Android Pie notifications

Android Pie added some great new features for notifications and did so without affecting old ones, which is hard to do. One of the most favorite things about notifications on the new Android version is that you can “adjust” things with ease. From then, you will know what you need. With Android Pie, you are now able to decide when it wants your attention.

The new Android Pie allows an app to define a number of different categories when coming to notifications. You only think about a category as a type of notification, like an alert from your system. This allows you to decide which things are important to know about first, which must wait until you launch the app and look at what’s happened since the last visit. Here is you can control notifications on your phone running Android Pie.

How to control Android Pie notifications

All things can be found in the settings

There is a quick note before diving in is in order. There will be slight variations in the settings menu, depending on phone model you are using. However, the overall process is totally the same no matter what kind of model you are using as long as it runs Android pie version.

  1. Tap on Applications settings from the Settings menu on your Android phone.
    • On other devices, you need to look for Apps & Notifications from the list.
    • In case you see the Recently opened apps list, simply scroll down and tap on the link to view all of your apps.
  2. Now, look for the app you want to set up. All you need is to tap on it to open its settings.
  3. In the next window, tap on Notifications section to dive into the app’s notifications settings.
  4. From there, there are different notification categories. If you make any change to a category, it will also affect every notification of that kind, no matter where it originates.
  5. You will see a window, titled Behavior opening. You can then decide whether you want to hear a sound or whether you’d like the notification to be silent while you’re doing something else.
  6. The window will automatically close once you made a selection.
  7. Now, tap on the Advanced field and the page will be expanded.
  8. From here, you can select the notification’s tone when you enable sound, or decide whether your phone only vibrates when receiving a notification of this type, whether any LED lights up or blinks, whether the notification appears on the lock screen, and the most important part whether it overrides your Do Not Disturb settings. That’s available. You can easily mix and match these settings in order to fit your needs.

Overloading notification is a real thing. You are being used to be alerted about petty things you don’t care about, so you should begin ignoring the little beep. It will be a bad thing if important things are happening. You can use the tools in Android pie to get your favorite tune for the perfect mix of notifications.


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