How to Create Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 

In iOS 12 version, Apple introduced a new feature called Siri Shortcuts, allowing you to combine your daily duties along with third-party apps. Siri will be able to learn your habits and then give suggestions based on your favorite. Although iOS 12 is still in beta stage, Siri Shortcuts already gives a decent idea on what we can expect upon final release. So now, let us look at its usage.

How to Create and Use Siri Shortcuts on iPhone or iPad

Since Apple explains that you can add Shortcuts for things you frequently do, so you make things done by just asking Siri. The screen will give you links, called My Shortcuts and More Shortcuts. Each of these includes links where you can find at least three recommended actions based on recent routines. To do so:

Step 1: Click on My Shortcuts to see all Shortcuts you have already created for Siri’s use.

Step 2: Click on a Shortcut to view more information and edit or delete it. You can see Shortcuts like ‘View Photos’, ‘Send a message to …’, or ‘Start a video chat with …’ even ‘Check Google Stock Price’.

Step 3: To change a Shortcut, simply tap on Edit and use your voice to give commands. Once you are done, tap on Done at the top right. For example, you can change from ‘Check Google stock price’ to ‘Check the stock price for Google’.

How to Create More Advanced Siri Shortcuts

You will see a list of recommended Siri Shortcuts under More Shortcuts section,

Step 1: Tap on More Shortcuts and you can see three recommended actions.

Step 2: The screen will then show different actions, and each is sorted by the iOS app. These can be different, depending on your routine.

Step 3: To make a recommended action- a Shortcut, simply tap on the ‘+’ button on the right side.

Step 4: Now, record your voice and tap on Done.

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Ask Siri and Siri Suggestions

In iOS 12, the Ask Siri and Siri Suggestions sections are the same as the ones in iOS 11 version. After enabling toggles, you can change how Siri react, with some of the choice available such as ‘Listen for “Hey Siri”‘and ‘Press Side Button to activate Siri’. Choices under Siri Suggestions might include ‘Suggestions in Search’ or ‘Suggestions on Lock Screen’ options.

Different Changes by App

The last section in the Siri & Search page will list all the apps on your device in alphabetical order. To do it

Step 1: Tap on any of these to show the page, which includes options for if the app will be in ‘Search, Suggestions & Shortcuts’ or ‘Allow on Lock Screen’.

According to Apple, it allows information from the app name to display in Search, Look Up etc. Siri can learn and then make suggestions based on your usage.

Step 2: Toggling can make a change

The Siri Shortcuts tool is impressive in the iOS 12 version. But there are some of the design improvements made to the Siri & Search page before the public version of iOS 12 is officially released.

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