How to customize Fantastical 2 for iPhone

If you’ve gone beyond the stock Calendar app on your iPhone and bought Fantastical 2, you might know the host of features that this app offers. However, have you spent the time to customize it?

Getting your calendar exactly as your needs is worth the time. So, in this post today, we’ll show you how to customize Fantastical 2app on your iPhone.

Customize the basics of Fantastical 2

Launch the app on your iPhone and then tap on the Settings icon in the top left.

Once you are in the Settings screen, you see that it’s divided into multiple sections starting with basic settings.


You can check how many calendars connected to Fantastical and you can adjust those by tapping on Calendars. To do so:

1) Go through the list to check or uncheck the calendars you’d like to see or add a new one.

2) Tap on the red icon to choose colors for the calendars

3) Scroll down and turn on/off the Event Alerts for Notifications.

4) When you’re done, tap on Done and back to the Settings screen.

App Icon Badge

You can now choose to display on the app icon. There will be five options available, including None, Today’s Remaining Events, Current Calendar Week, Current Date, or New Event Invitations.


If you usually use the widget in Notification Center, you can turn on/off options to show up your Timeline, Calendar, and Events. Simply tap on Widget and make your choices

Apple Watch

Apple Watch users can take advantage of Fantastical 2 to help you do something. Tap on Apple Watch and customize your calendars, location map, list, and more.

Weekends & Theme

The last two settings are self-explanatory. You can easily activate or deactivate Highlight Weekends and Light Theme to your favorite.

Customize New Events

Default Alerts

You can choose times to be notified of Timed Events and All-Day Events.

By default, Timed Events is 15 minutes before the starting time. However, you can add another alert at the time of the event.

For All-Day Events option, simply select the alert time from the given options. You can choose the hour of the day to be notified each time when you have an all-day event.

Default Duration & Calendar

These two settings allow you to select the default duration for events and the default calendar for those you connected.

Customize Reminders

When the Reminders option is enabled, you will then see customization choices. You can turn on/off Show Completed Reminders and Organize By List options. After that, choose the reminders to apply along with your default list.

Customize Calendar, DayTicker, and List

First, you should get started with the Calendar settings. Select the day you prefer to Start Week On and if you want to show Calendar Weeks or not

In case you’d like to hide empty days when there are three (or more) in a row, you can turn on the Show All Empty Days option.

Finally, it’s time to choose settings for Show under Lists from available options. After that, toggle on the slider if you’d like to Show End Times for events.

That’s how to customize Fantastical 2 for your iPhone. Let’s know your thought in the comment below.

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