How to Disable Pre-Installed Apps on Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy phones are always pre-installed a ton of bloatware, especially if you grab a Galaxy phone from AT&T or Sprint carriers. These apps can be Sprint’s NASCAR apps, AT&T Wi-Fi, T-Mobile TV, Amazon, Lookout, and a lot of other random apps.

The bad news is that you can’t uninstall these apps as the way you uninstall a third party app, and they’ll always be active on your phone and waste space. But there is a way to disable and hide all pre-installed apps from the application tray. In this post, we’ll show you here’s how to remove bloatware on your Note 9.

How to Disable Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When you own a Galaxy Note 9, you’ll see that there are at least 10 or 15 apps that had been already installed on your phone. Some of these, like Sprint’s NASCAR apps, even add more apps to your phone each month. It’s a frustrating practice in Android smartphones that we have to deal with. Moreover, these apps are in addition to Samsung’s own apps, which are plastered throughout the phone.


First, unlock your phone and open the Settings app. From there, tap on Apps section and you’ll see a list of every app that is currently on your Galaxy Note 9. Go to Settings > Apps and turn off anything that you don’t want to see.  Although it’s a slow process, you’ll only need to do once. Follow the below steps for further details.

  1. Pull down the notification bar on your phone and tap on the gear-shaped Settings button(you can also open the Settings app)
  2. Scroll down and tap on Apps
  3. Move to the tab on the top that says All Apps
  4. Now, scroll through the list of all apps and select any app that you want to disable
  5. Tap on Disable, and then confirm your choice to get rid of it. (some apps require to uninstall updates first, then can have them disabled)
  6. Repeat above steps for any app that you want to remove

However, keep in mind that you should only uninstall stuff that you are sure. Otherwise your Galaxy Note 9 might have problems or misbehave.

If you are using an AT&T Galaxy Note 9, there is another important tip. Tap on the three dot button in the top corner and choose “show system apps” in the pop-up menu. After that, find and turn off AT&T App Select right away. Otherwise, your phone will automatically be added 8 games and apps without your permission. Month after month, it will download more apps and games to your phone. So, you’d better disable the app so that it can’t download random apps and games onto your Galaxy Note 9.

That’s how to remove or disable pre-installed bloatware on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. While these apps still eat up space, they won’t update anymore, and they will no longer appear in the app tray. If you ever want to bring these apps back, just repeat the steps above and tap on Enable to turn it back on.


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