How to Download Music From SoundCloud For Non-Jailbreak iPhone

SoundCloud is one of the music streaming apps on the iOS platform. There are thousands of users are using it every day to stream music for their favorite artists or discover new ones. However, using music online apps like SoundCloud will spend a lot of your mobile data. So for those of you who have a limited cellular data, you should find the way to fix that.

Here is the SoundCloud++ app that can help you download your favorite songs from SoundCloud to your non-jailbreak iPhone. Doing this way, you can listen to your music offline without worrying about overusing the cellular data. Read through this post to install this tweaked soundcloud apps on your device.

Steps to Install SounCloud++ on Non-jailbreak iPhone

As we said earlier, SoundCloud++ is a modified version of the official app. Besides the basic features like on SoundCloud, it allows you to download your songs to your device for listening  offline.

Before starting, here are some certain requirements you should note

  • A Windows, Mac, Linux Computer
  • The Cydia Impactor software, download from here
  • A standard USB lightning cable for the connection

Install SoundCloud++ IPA File

  1. First download the SoundCloud++ IPA file version from here
  2. Next, plug your iPhone to the computer
  3. Extract and launch Cydia Impactor
  4. Now drag and drop SoundCloud++.ipa to Impactor window
  5. Enter your Apple ID and password

Next, unlock your iPhone, wait a minute and you will see a new app called SoundCloud on the screen. But before launching  it, go to the Settings > General > Profile or Device Management. Select the email address you used earlier and tap on Trust.

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Now, return to your home screen and launch SoundCloud. It will be pretty much the same thing, but there is two different things are the appearance of the “Download” button and a new section at the bottom menu.

To download music from SoundCloud to your iOS device, simply select a song and tap on the 3-dots button at the bottom left-hand corner. Here you’ll see an option called Downloaded Track. Now, minimize the screen and switch to the Download page next to Search to display the current progress of your chosen song.


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