How to enable night mode on Android

The night mode function, which is currently available on many Android smartphones, is a handy feature that allows you to get a filter to your smartphone’s screen. From then, you can minimize the eyestrain and reduce the blue light from your smartphone screen. So, in this post, we’ll instruct you how to activate this feature, regardless of if it is a default function on your Android phone or not.

Many users have problems with the eyestrain because they spend too much time in front of screens. The blue light comes with a negative impact on your sleep as it prevents producing melatonin, which is an important hormone for the sleep. That’s why the night mode appears to help you protect your eye. And make your sleep easier. On the new smartphones of Huawei, there is an eye protection mode, which offers an effective way to reduce the blue light after enabling it. Here is how to enable the night mode on your Android phone

How to activate night mode as the default setting

Pixel phones

Google started integrating the night mode into their Pixel devices from Android Nougat, and it still remains as a feature in Android Oreo version.

To enable it on your Pixel phone, simply go to Settings > Display > Night Light. Here, you can also configure the Night Light section that allows it to toggle off automatically at certain times.

Other manufacturer’s phone

If you are using an Android phone from other manufacturers, you don’t have to wait for the next Android update to get the Night Mode. Those whose are using smartphones from Honor, Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, etc… all you have to do is heading to Settings or even the shortcut of the mode to enable it.

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Enable the night mode feature with apps from the Play Store

So you’ve checked your phone, but it does not have the night mode. If your device is running on Android One or stock Android, this can happen. But you should not worry as at the moment there is a dozen of apps available on Google Play, which can bring you the same result. One of the most popular apps currently is Bluelight Filter. The app comes with the same functionalities as the default night mode on Android, and it even has more new options such as selecting the filter color from available shades, adding shortcuts on the home screen, adding a notification widget and a time schedule.

Download the app from here

  • App version: 2.8.2
  • App size: 5.56 MB
  • Support: Android 4.0 or later
  • Price: Free

Do you use any light filter on your phone? Do you find it helps in protecting your eyes from the blue light? Let’s know in the comments section.


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