How To Enable The Character Counter For Sms Messages On Iphone

If you are using iMessage, you do not have to take notice of the character counter before sending the message, it’s like we chat online. However, unlike iMessage, the SMS messages you send on your iPhone are regulated by your carrier and have a character limit of 160 characters.

If your SMS message is longer than 160 characters, your carrier will automatically split up the message for the recipient in 160-character increments. For recipients not using smartphones, this really annoys them. Sometimes, if your carrier gets congested, some messages can be lost or sent late, therefore, you should send the messages that contain fewer than 160 characters. Plus, you will have to be charged more if you go over that amount. This is because each splitted-up message counts as one text message.

If you’ve really taken notice of this problem and have yet to know how to control the number of message characters, just follow the step-by-step instructions below to enable the character counter for SMS messages on your iPhone device.

  • Step 1: Launch the Settings app.
  • Step 2: Scroll down to Messages > Character Count and turn the switch to the on position.



That’s all about how to enable the character counter for SMS messages on your iPhone. From now on, whenever you are typing in the Messages app on your iPhone, a counter will appear above the Send button. The counter shows x/160 characters, with x representing the number of characters you have typed out of your 160 allotted characters.

It can’t be greater when you can see how many characters you have typed in a SMS message. Bear in mind that keeping track of the character count in your messages is very important since you may be charged more if you go over the character limit of 160 characters.

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