How To Fix Common Issues On Huawei Honor 6

Huawei Honor 6 is one of the best mid-range smartphones that came wrapped with the exciting features. It was launched by Huawei to compete with other similar devices from other manufactures and people liked it largely. But some Honor 6 users started complaining issues such as battery life issue, the device not switching on, boot loop issue and more. But all of these issues are very popular and can be easily fixed by performing some small tweaks. So, if you in the same trouble, follow this post to get a solution.

Battery Life Issue

It’s a very common issue happening with all the smartphone users and the Honor 6 users are not the exception. So, you should check out the solutions below.

  • The first thing to do is reducing the brightness of the screen. Simply go to Settings > Display to adjust the brightness.
  • The next method is uninstalling all the pre-installed apps and bloatware. They will occupy some storage space and also eat a great amount of battery.
  • Limit the location service to avoid draining as much battery as possible. This service can be used by the popular apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp etc. To make the changes, head towards Settings > Location> Mode and choose the ‘battery saving’ option to save some juice in need.
  • Disable all connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if they are not in use.
  • Check what apps are eating up a huge amount of battery by navigating to Settings > Device > Battery and then uninstall them.
  • Perform a factory reset on your Huawei Honor 6 by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone> Erase everything.

Not Turning On

It’s another very common issue about which many of the Huawei Honor 6 users have reported. According to them, their phone keeps switching off frequently and they are not able to turn it on. Here are some possible fixes you can try:

  • First, try restarting your phone. However, if you cannot do that, then remove the the battery, wait for some minutes and insert the battery again and turn it back on. Check if the issue is already resolved.
  • Ensure that your phone has the enough battery. If not, connect it to a charger for about 20 minutes before trying to switch it on.
  • Make a wipe cache partition. To do so, power off your Honor 6 completely and then long press the Power + Volume up buttons altogether until you see the recovery on the screen. Use the Volume buttons to make a wipe Cache partition option and confirm it with the help of the Power button.
  • Perform a factory reset from Settings, but remember to back up your data first.

Camera Issue

The freezing camera when opening it is a very common issue with Honor 6. When it stops working, it is annoying if you want to take some photos. Here is the solution for it.

  • First, restart your phone and check if it can bring changes to the camera issue.
  • If the method did not work, try to free up some space of the camera app as if there is much memory, it can cause this issue. To do this, open camera app and tap on its settings. Here tap ‘others’ from the drop-down menu and take note the ‘Preferred save location’ option and choose SD card.
  • Also, delete unimportant photos and videos to free up some space.
  • Perform a factory reset.

Touch Screen Issue

When the touch screen stops working, it become a really annoying problem as if the touch screen does not respond as it should, you will not be able to perform any task. Here are possible fixes you should try:

  • Restart your phone first if you are not able to do that, then do a hard reset by removing the battery, wait for few minutes to insert it again and turn it back on.
  • Next, wipe the cache partition by booting your Honor 6 into recovery mode, which is explained above.
  • Perform factory reset using hard buttons if performing it from the settings menu is not possible.

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Not Receiving Any Text Message

Are you not receiving any text message on your Honor 6 smartphone? But you should not worry as here are the fixes for the issue.

  • Reboot your device.
  • Check the network connection by heading to Settings > Mobile network.
  • Clear the cache of the message app as sometimes too many caches can create this issue.
  • Perform a factory reset

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