How To Fix Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network

Many iPhone users have complained that after updating their phone to the iOS 11.2 version, the cellular data stopped working or they saw the “could not activate cellular data network” error. This error happens due to some software bugs from the released OTA update. If you have the same difficulty with your iOS 11 iPhone, don’t be panic as the problem does not come from the hardware. As a result, you won’t be able to access the internet using the cellular data.

Fix Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network Error

Here are some methods to resolve the “could not activate cellular data network” error on your iPhone/iPad:

  1. Update to newer iOS version

The iOS 11.2.2 update has been rolled out to the public for few days. It comes with a bug fix for the cellular data network issue. So, if you are facing the greyed out Cellular Data button and can’t use 2G, 3G or 4G LTE, you should update your phone. Use Wi-Fi to get the OTA update, or download the .ipsw file and flash it through iTunes.

  1. Create APN

The “could not activate cellular data network” error might be fixed by creating a new APN for the carrier you are using. Follow the below posts :

  • Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network
  • launch Safari app and go to:
  • Choose your country and your carrier.
  • Tap on Create APN and then install the APN.
  • Try to activate the cellular network again
  1. Carrier Update

Sometimes, updating cellular carriers can fix the conflicts between your IOS version and the network’s connectivity settings. Head to Settings > General > About and then carry out the installation.

  1. Network Operator Problem

Some network operators offer a limited cellular data plans. So, you should make sure your Sim card is active and there is also an internet package activated in your plan. We recommend you to contact your cellular network to check that.

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  1. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the device’s network to the default state can fix the inability to the “connect to cellular data’ error on your iPhone/iPad. Keep in mind that the process just resets the network settings to the default stage. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset and choose Reset Network Settings and then confirm your choice. Enter your password and the settings will reset to the default including the Wi-Fi as well. Once done, enter your network credentials again.

  1. Factory Reset

If nothing can help, you need to wait for the next update from Apple or try factory resetting your iPhone/iPad. It might be as a last resort. As it will wipe everything on your device, so remember to make a backup of your data first.

These are some possible fixes to help in resolving the “could not activate cellular data network” error on your iPhone/iPad. Hope you have the best one for yourself.

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