How To Fix Huawei P10 Battery Life Issues

Your Huawei P10 is running smoothly for the multiple tasks but you realize your phone’s battery drain quicker than usual. There are also many P10 users that have faced the same issue with you. Anyways, do not worry as there are several ways to fix the issue. In this post, we’ll show you methods to fix the battery life issues on your Huawei P10.

Disable/Enable Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

We always recommend you to turn off all the connectivity such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when they are not in use. If you always turn them on, it will keep searching for the Wi-Fi network or the peripheral Bluetooth devices, which will absolutely eat up your battery so fast. So, you’d better to turn them on only when you are in use.

Disable GPS Location Service

Location service is one of the features that consume an extra amount of the phone’s battery. So, if you keep turning on location service all the time, your battery will definitely drop fast. To disable location service, go to the Settings > Location and turn it off.

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Enable Power Saving Mode

Turning on power saving mode last your battery usage time. Go to Settings > Battery to turn on the power saving mode. This mode includes a variety of options such as disabling GPS, background data restrictions etc.

Check Apps Running In The Background

If multiple apps are running in the background, then your battery amount will be affected. To check which apps are running in the background, navigate towards Settings > Battery to see the battery usage of all background running apps. After that, check if there is any app consuming unusual battery amount then tap on it and choose Force stop it. You can also remove the app for a better result.

Factory Reset

If none of these above methods can fix the fast battery drain issue on your Huawei P10, then you should perform a factory reset by heading to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Fata Reset> Reset Device. This factory reset will erase inside your device  and bring it to the initial state. So, if any culprit app caused this issue, then a factory reset will fix it.

These are five ways to fix the battery life issues on your Huawei P10. Keep following all of them and your battery can last for more time.



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