How to Fix Poor Performance on iOS 11.2.1

Apple has just rolled out the iOS 11.2.1 version to the public and we knew that many of you here already updated your device to the latest iOS version to get the bug fixes. But you feel the performance on this version cannot meet your expectation and it’s slower than previous versions. Don’t worry as in this post today, we’ll show you some tips that can help improve the performance of the iOS 11.2.1 version running on your device.

Although there is no guarantee that they’ll work for your device, they’re worth a shot if you don’t satisfy with iOS 11.2.1’s performance.

  1. Do Some Cleanup

The first method you should try is accumulating all sorts of apps, photos, and videos that you no longer use. Getting rid of them would improve your device’s performance.

To check space being used on your phone, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and choose Manage Storage.

If your phone runs out of space, tap on General > Storage. From iOS 11 version, Apple gives you A detailed look the stuff storing on your device.

  1. Disable Widgets

Widgets are useful in many cases, but that means your device’s hardware will have to work. Disabling widgets could improve the iOS 11.2.1 ’s performance on your iOS device.

From the home screen, swipe to the right, scroll all the way to bottom and tap on Edit. You will now see a long list of services and apps on the next screen, including both active and inactive widgets. To disable a widget, tap the red circle and select Remove.

  1. Reduce Your Animations

iOS 11 comes with an animation when you tilt your phone, or open and close your apps. But if you minimize this feature, the performance on your device will be improved.

To reduce Motion Effects, simply go to Settings > General > Accessibility and enable Reduce Motion. But you should note that reducing Motion Effects could disable some features like the bubble effect.

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  1. Stop Background Refresh

Background App Refresh feature keep the apps on your device updated with fresh data. For example, the newsfeed of your Facebook app will be updated without needing to launch the app. But if you don’t want your apps to work in the background, you should turn the Background App Refresh off. Doing this could help to improve the performance.

To do so, navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and switch Background Refresh off.

You can also scroll down your list of apps and choose the apps you want to disable this feature.

Reset Your Network Settings

Another trick to improve the performance of iOS 11.2.1 after trying the above methods is resetting your device’s network settings.

To do so, head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. The process will cause your phone to forget the Wi-Fi passwords so you need to make sure the password is handy before performing the steps.

You can also reset all of your device’s settings in the same menu by tapping Reset All Settings. This will restore the settings of your phone to the factory defaults, so ensure you write down the Wi-Fi passwords again.

These are some simple tips that could help you improve your device’s performance on iOS 11.2.1 version. If you have other useful tips, let’s know in the comment below.

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