How To Fix VLC Not Supporting UNDF Format

In the video player software area, VLC is one of the best software. It’s capable of playing all popular audio and video files. However, some users have reported that the VLC app did not support the UNDF format when they tried playing a video or audio file.

UNDF do stand for “undefined file format”. Saying in other words, the VLC media player cannot read the correct codecs associated with the media file. When launching those files, there will be an error message “No suitable decoder module: VLC does not support the audio or video format “undf” appearing on the screen.

However, you should not worry about the error message; you can easily solve this error by following this post to troubleshoot the problem.

This error in VLC player comes from the following conditions:

  • It happens while you are playing partially a downloaded video or audio file.
  • When the internet connection is interrupted or lost while downloading the file and you play it.
  • When the media file is corrupted.
  • You are using an old VLC media player version.
  • The correct codecs associated with the media file is not available.

Here are three possible methods to fix VLC not supporting the undf format.

Methods To Fix VLC  Not Supporting UNDF Format

Restore the Media File

The foremost method to solve the VLC media player not supporting the undf format is restoring the media file. In many cases, the issue comes from the corrupt files. You can re-download the file if you are downloading from the web or get a clean copy of the file. If you see the internet connection is not stable, you can try installing the download manager extensions on Chrome browser to pause and resume your downloads.

Restoring the correct media file codecs can also fix the “VLC not supporting UNDF format” issue. But the method still persists, then move to the next method.

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Update VLC Media Player

In some cases, updating to the latest version of VLC media player can help in fixing many issues. If the media file that you are playing is not corrupt, you should then update the VLC Media Player software.

You can easily get the latest VLC media player version from their official website. If updating the VLC media file cannot help to fix “VLC not supporting UNDF format” error, then you can proceed to the last method.

Install Necessary Audio and Video Codes

All essential codes are not always available, so VLC media player is unable to read the file format you are playing and it will appear the undefined format error.

Follow the below steps to solve “VLC does not support undf format” error.

  • Get Combined Community Codec Pack, which offers a complete list of all the necessary audio and video codes.
  • Once done, install the pack on your computer and then choose “LAV Audio Settings” and click on “Format“.
  • Choose all the formats in the list and click OK.
  • Also select “LAV Video Settings” and click “Format”.
  • Check all the formats and click OK.

You now try playing the t media file again with VLC media player. If the error still remains, you should then right-click on the media file and choose Open With MPC-HC and the media file will play smoothly without any issue.

Hopefully, with three above methods, you can fix the VLC not supporting undf format issue. Since undf means an undefined set of file codecs, there is not any method to convert it to other formats. Let us know the method worked for you in the comment below.

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