How to free up space using Android 7.1 Storage Manager

Google has rolled out the developer preview of Android 7.1 Nougat to users of Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Pixel C. The preview comes with a handful of new cool features and tweaks, especially a new tool in the storage section of settings called Manage Storage. Manage Storage is a storage manager that offer users two options, including manually freeing up space and enabling Smart Storage. And in this post, we would like to show you how to free up space using Android 7.1 Storage Manager. Take a look.

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Smart Storage

Smart Storage integrates neatly with Google Photos, so you can enable it to remove backed up photos and videos from your device. However, it’s worth noting that Smart Storage will automatically do this every 30/60/90 days, only once your photos and videos have been backed up to the cloud in Google Photos.

Smart Storage serves as a simple solution for cleaning up your device on a regular basis whenever its storage space is getting almost full. However, there’s also a manual option for cleaning up your device’s storage by using Storage Manager.

Manual Cleanup

The manual cleanup tool is present in Settings > Storage > Manage Storage. Here, you tap Free up space to bring up a list of items in categories that can be safely deleted from your device. You are presented with options, including cleaning up photos and videos (older than 30 days), download files, and apps (last used 90 days ago). You can choose the type of data you want to remove via the corresponding check boxes. After that, you simply tap on the free up space button. Once you are done with the cleanup process, you will be required to enable Smart Storage, if you haven’t already.

That’s it. You are now able to clear unused files and free up space on your device by using Android 7.1 Storage Manager.

It should be mentioned that besides the new Storage Manager, the developer preview of Android 7.1 Nougat includes app shortcuts and image keyboard support. It also comes with circular app icons support, enhanced wallpaper metadata, and device system images for running apps on supported devices. Google says the update will be made available in November.

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