How To Get “Always On Display” On Android Phones

Do you want to bring the Always On Display feature of the Galaxy S8 or LG G6 on your Android phone? The answer is now definitely Yes.

Always On allows your Android phone to display information about the current time, date, battery, and notifications right on the dim lock screen. First being introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge or LG G5 in 2016, it makes life easier for those who don’t have time to turn the display on constantly to view notifications. Here are two method that can help you bring the Always On Displays feature on your Android phone.

Ambient Display

The first method in our list is Ambient Display. It has the same function with the Always On Display, though it has to use the proximity sensor of your smartphone as the main trigger. It is particularly suitable for devices with AMOLED screens, which don’t have the Always On feature. But the app also works with LCD and IPS displays. However, if your device’s screen is a LCD/IPS panel, the ‘always on’ would consume more battery power as the display will need to fully power on, including all pixels. In contrast, with AMOLED display, it only lights the white pixels. Although these apps can eat up quite a lot the battery, they display all necessary information.

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Glance Plus

Making use of the proximity sensor on your Android phone, the Glance Plus app allows you to check the time, weather forecast, notifications without unlocking the screen.

Once the app is installed, you’ll find it in the Settings menu, letting you customize every detail, including the font of the time and the calendar, the position of the information on the screen, to the size the text and more.

By tapping on the Always on section of the Settings, you can take full advantage of the Always On function when your device is charging. In case your phone is not charging, it can still view the date, time and notifications just by swiping your hand over the proximity sensor.

Glance Plus is a good alternative app for those of us who want all information displaying on the dim lock screen without having to turn their smartphone on. Although it cannot be as great as the Always On Display feature, the app will be improved in the next future updates.



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