How to Get Refunds for Apps and Games

You have purchased apps/ games from the game store but the issues arose like you are not able to run the apps/ games and you want to get the refunds for the apps and games you already bought. Some app and game stores provide the refunds for the digital purchases, but some don’t. So this post today will show you how to get the refunds for apps & games on some popular app store.

App Store and Mac App Store


Apple allows you to request the refunds for apps/ games you already purchase from the Apple’s App Store or the Mac App Store. You can also use this method to request the refunds for the digital media such as music/ TV show that you purchased from iTunes.

You will need to report the problem with apps/games that you purchased through iTunes or Apple’s website. After that, you just wait for a response from the customer service. Simply tell Apple that the app/game/file didn’t work properly or didn’t meet your expectations and you will then get the refunds.

Google Play Store


The Google Play Store comes with a better refund policy than App Store & Mac Store do. In two hours after you purchase an app/game, you can easily request a refund for any reason without any trouble. So, if that app doesn’t meet your expectations, you can easily return it without waiting for the response from customer service. All you need is opening your order history in Play Store and choose the “Refund” option for the recent purchase.

In case it’s more two hours, you have to submit a refund request and Google’s service representatives will consider the request. However, the success percentage is not high.



Origin offers a “Great Game Guarantee” applying to almost games bought on Origin as the Origin’s website displays a line: “If you don’t love it, return it”.

After opening the game, you will have 24 hours to get a refund if you want. If you haven’t opened the game yet, you will have the first seven days to get the refund after the purchase. You can easily experience the game for many hours as your liking within the first 24 hours.



Steam might be the best game store in refunding as it has an excellent refund policy. As long as the game you purchased is still in the first two weeks, and you played it for less than two hours, you can easily request a refund without any issue. So, if you don’t like a game you purchased or there is a problem when running it on your computer, you can bring your money back.

Here are some stores, which might offer refunds on a case by case, though a refund is not guaranteed. You can contact customer support and tell them the reason to get the refund:

  • Blizzard: Blizzard doesn’t have a published refund policy for the online store, but you can contact customer support for a refund. Take note at the “Refund game purchase” option on Blizzard’s support site. If you have recently purchased that app, the success percentage will be higher.
  • Humble Store: On the Humble Store, refunds are issued on a discretionary basis. The Humble comes with a support site providing the instructions for getting a refund.
  • GOG: GOG has its money back guarantee policy for every game sold by GOG. If a game that you purchased from GOG doesn’t work and the problem cannot be solved, you can receive a full refund. However, this is only valid within the first thirty days after purchasing the game. Keep contacting with GOG customer support if there is a problem and receive a refund.
  • Microsoft Store (Apps): Microsoft states that there is never refund for the digital Xbox games. But Microsoft notes that you purchase software from the Microsoft Store, they can be eligible for the refund in some situations.


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