How To Install TWRP Recovery For OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 was just announced a few weeks ago, but a fully-working TWRP 3.1.1 custom recovery is now available for the device. With the TWRP custom recovery, you will be able to easily root your device, install any custom ROM, or customize the layout or system of your OnePlus 5 as your liking. So if you want this new recovery on your OnePus 5, we’ll show you step-by-steps guide to flash TWRP Recovery on your handset.

However, before starting, you first need to meet some certain requirements first

  • Make a backup for all your important data to get rid of unexpected issue.
  • Download and install USB driver for your OnePlus 5
  • Activate the USB Debugging option in Settings > Developer Options.
  • Turn on OEM Unlock section.
  • Download and install ADB fastboot driver on your computer:
  • Charge your handset to at least 50% to avoid unwanted issues.
  • Make sure your OnePlus has already been unlocked bootloader
  • This guide is only applied to OnePlus 5, so you should not flash it on other phones as it might end up bricking.

Steps to Install TWRP Custom Recovery on OnePlus 5

  1. First, download the TWRP recovery file from here, place it into the ADB folder and rename it into ‘recovery.img’
  2. Now, go the ADB folder. Press the Shift keyboard button while right clicking on any empty space and select Open command window here to open cmd mode
  3. Now, boot your OnePlus 5 into the Fastboot mode by pressing Volume Up + Power buttons for a few seconds until you see some text on the screen.
  4. Next, connect your device to the computer; wait for a few seconds so that the computer recognizes your phone.
  5. Here, enter fastboot flash recovery recovery.img in cmd to flash the TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 5.
  6. Now, power off your phone and press and hold both the Volume Down + Power buttons until you see OnePlus logo on the screen. Once done, release the Power button but still holding the Volume Down button until your device boots in the custom recovery.

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That’s all steps you need to do! The new TWRP custom recovery has been successfully installed on your OnePlus 5. You can choose whatever function you want to perform. In case you get any trouble, let’s know in the comment section below, we’ll find out solutions for you.



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